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Did Anti-Virus Mogul John McAfee Murder Real Estate Tycoon Gregory Faull?

john mcafee
john mcafee

What’s up with John McAfee? I’ll pick up a Wire Magazine today so I can read Joshua Davis’s interview with McAfee, who’s now on the lam. Plenty of other sources to look at, in the meantime. Did John kill Belize neighbor Gregory Viant Faull? How did John get where he’s at, psychologically speaking? He radiates paranoia! Does he fancy himself as a modern-day Robinson Crusoe (by my favorite author, Daniel Defoe)?

The first thing I thought of was Captain Kurtz (when seeing McAfee’s story) from Apocalypse Now. Well, the parallels are not too outlandish; John nearly has his own autonomous existence within the island of Ambergris Caye, except for the government, which he thinks is out to get him. They want to assassinate him, just like the American military intelligence needed to eliminate Captain Kurtz, who had gone rogue (and bonkers) in the jungles of Cambodia.

Kurtz was his own King and exclusive government to a small cache of devotees, who were blindfolded slaves to his every wish, no matter how crazy it might be. Well, this is the pipedream of analogy I’m witness to regarding Mr. McAfee, as I sip strong, tangy (freshly ground) Columbian coffee. The vision is working for me, but I ought to return to the particulars of the news story, if I get half a chance. A few scratches of notes hint at the possibility that John had a MDVP (bath salts) lab operation.

Why would a multi-millionaire get involved in drug manufacturing and distribution (if it’s even true)? That is, doesn’t he already have enough money? Let’s hope John isn’t taking that stuff, since bath salts will make you crazy. Well, we hear also, John was whittled down to $4 million, when he moved to Belize in 2009, so he was trying to beat the taxes in the U.S. Four million’s not that much, when you’re living the lifestyle he was accustomed to. Selling drugs could boost his financial status (just speculating).

And then the question comes up, who poisoned his dogs? If John thought Gregory Faull did it, this would supply a motive for him to seek retribution. It seems as if John’s dogs were always barking loudly, annoying Gregory Faull no end, who was trying to enjoy retirement, after making it in Florida real estate. Somebody shot him at his home, probably Saturday night sometime. The gun used was a 9-mm. Furthermore, most curious, the killer confiscated his computer and phone.

John says the government killed Gregory Faull, mistaking him for himself. Boy, this is getting bizarre, and I really need badly to get me a copy of the newest Wire issue! Alright, so I find this in a Reuters article (Belize PM says McAfee bonkers, should help in murder case, by Jose Sanchez). McAfee has stated the government is out to get him because he didn’t give money to the United Democratic Party (UDP), which is the ruling party. Do they have death squads, such as he claims?

I’d have to take a closer look at the political situation in Belize before I could render a judgment on this Out There allegation. Of course, I’m aware of how things work in Mexico, but I’m hearing that the Belize police don’t take brides and are fairly incorruptible. I don’t know that I believe this entirely, but that’s what I’m reading. I’m also noting the homicide rate is skyrocket in Belize.

I began some cursory examination of the geography and history of Belize, but for now I live in a world of fiction and paranoid imaginings. Just like when you think a software virus is about to get you! McAfee has the kind of Mephistolisean (don’t worry, there’s no such word) power to do that to us. That dude is scary!

Source: Business Week

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