Dallas Hotel Security Guard Shot, Killed on Wednesday

Dallas police are investigating a shooting of a hotel security guard in Dallas, Texas on Wednesday night. The 72-year-old guard, Adane Weldekiros, was unarmed as he protected the Holiday Inn Express & Suites on Vantage Point Drive.

Police took 34-year-old Randal Terrell into custody following the shooting.

Weldekiros and Terrell got into a heated argument prior to the shooting. Terrell was ordered to leave the hotel’s property. Reports suggest that Terrell did leave the property only to return later on with a gun. Several shots were fired at Weldekiros. The security guard’s body was found at the hotel entrance at 1:15 a.m. by Dallas police officers.

Terrell remained at the scene of the murder and turned himself in to the authorities immediately.

Terrell was booked in Dallas County Jail on a $100,000 bond. He is facing murder charges. The handgun he used to kill Weldekiros was also found next to Terrell at the time of his arrest.

Reports surfacing on Thursday indicate that Terell had stolen the gun he used in the killing. Witnesses to the shooting called 911, reporting that Terrell told the security guard to lie on the ground. Weldekiros pleaded for his life, according to witnesses, begging that Terrell not kill him.

Fox 4 reports the account of Justin Boggs, witness to the killing.

“I woke up 1 in the morning hearing the gunshots and I heard someone yelling, ‘Get down. Put your head on the ground. Put your head on the ground,'” Boggs recalled. “And I heard another person saying, ‘No. Please don’t do this. Please don’t do this.’ And I heard three more shots.”

Hotel guests recall Weldekiros being a very nice man who was “nothing but kind.”

Weldekiros was born in Ethiopia but was an American citizen. He was in uniform at the time of the killing, but he was unarmed. He worked as a security guard at several locations over the past nine years, according to police.

The Dallas shooting comes days after security footage of the Las Vegas gunman was found. The footage shows Stephen Paddock, the mass shooter that killed 58 people, converting his hotel room into a sniper’s nest.

The new footage shows Paddock wheeling luggage into his room, walking past and talking to watch guards and even gambling.

Footage shows Paddock days before the shooting at the casino. The film shows him bringing his Dodge Caravan to the hotel valet numerous time and wheeling suitcases towards the elevators. The footage does not show any signs that the bags he was wheeling contained an arsenal of weapons.

In a statement, a spokeswoman for MGM and Mandalay Bay claims that Paddock, at depicted in the new video footage, gave no indication that he was planning to shoot guests. He exhibited normal behavior and had multiple interactions with staff members.

She claims that the casino could not foresee that Paddock, who was a long-time guest, could carry out “such an inexplicably evil, violent and deadly act.”

Dallas police have yet to reveal if there are security tapes showing the argument and eventual killing of Weldekiros.

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