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Casey Anthony’s Defining Moment of EVIL: ‘Surprise Surprise!’

casey in jail evil
casey in jail evil

I’m just now finishing up my analysis of Friday’s proceedings in the Casey Anthony trial. You can access 13 raw video reels of Day 20 (Friday, June 3, 2011) from the WFTV.com 9 web site. I carefully examined all 13 reels (around 6 ½ hours), took copious notes, shot 100s of photographs and repeated viewings of some sections, where I needed clarification. I have my own evidence locker, I don’t need Orange County’s or Jose Baez’s, for that matter!

All interruptions were put aside in order to achieve a certain level of detachment and objectivity. The reason why this was necessary, is that I knew my brain had been contaminated by 100s of hours of talk show sound bites and image barrages, out of chronological order, that leads to only mass confusion and ultimately to a highly subjective, distorted assessment of a controversial case that’s been nothing short of a media circus ala Barnum and Bailey three-ring.

A few impressions of Day 20. Don’t want to write an entire book on one day’s action. My notes run 13 pages and I have more than a hundred photographs that could accompany my text. Not to bore you with that much.

Just look at the evil glimmer in Casey Anthony’s eyes in this jailhouse interview with her parents on August 14, 2008!

As George says, nothing is scripted, and that’s fine with me, as far as what I choose to tell you when chewing on the multiple revelations of Friday prior. And while I’m thinking of it, please do not read summaries of one day in the trial, unless you prefer to embrace falsehoods.

You have to watch all 13 loops in their entirety, unless you prefer to remain in the dark. And please remember to avoid HLN like the plague, since they are broadcasting a completely different trial.

I’ve never seen George any more happy, energized or spiritual than he is on a jail house visit to see Casey on August 3, 2008. In speaking with his daughter he is very compassionate and loving, and zealous in his passion to find Caylee. In no way is he flinging accusations towards Casey.

A rare one off. The August 14th interview with both George and Cynthia stands out in stark contrast to the August 3rd jail house visit, when George was by himself. I’m not necessarily reading too much into this, but it does tell you something about the parent to sibling interaction. It seems to get off the rails, out of kilter more, when Cindy comes in the picture. More friction between Cindy and Casey.

Just to be fair, during this interview from August 14th, Casey points out that she had experienced a falling out with George for a considerable time, all the way up to the point when she was arrested. “Him and I had broken relationships for a long time, the very day I was taken here.” So, to be fair, Casey had problems with George and Cindy. This is the one where Casey flips out on camera!

The media has latched onto this one clip to make the case for just how EVIL and conniving Casey really is. Yesterday I played it back for myself to see to what extent this is true. My photo above captures the quintessential, evilest moment of Casey I could find!

Not to sensationalize it anymore than the mainstream media already has, but Tot Mom has a wicked gleam in her eyes that will scorch the hairs off on the back of your neck, with Satin’s Hellfire of a red-hot burning pitchfork!

I thought you might appreciate a little comic relief in the midst of this serious treatise on what all this brouhaha means. One specific I must not forget to mention, that is nothing short of distortion, is hyped by nearly all of the media sources.

That is, the comment of Casey, “surprise, surprise,” which was her reaction when Cindy says she has heard someone say Caylee drowned in the family swimming pool. Most media sources are saying the inflection in Casey’s voice is ‘dismissive.’

I didn’t come to a similar conclusion. Listen to this one more time. Casey’s tone is flighty, evasive, perplexing or even chimerical. Dismissive, no. Circumvention, yes. Denial, no. Boondoggle, yes. Jettisoning, no. Throwing a smokescreen of flimflam, yes. Get the picture? Seeds are planted in one speck of a soundbite that a swimming pool drowning is just as plausible (in her mind) as she did it.

And ponder the scanning (glimmering) twinkle in her eyes at the same time as you study her wavering voice. The Manson girls use to use their voices and eyes in this manner.

And remember how Jack Ruby said “No one will ever know my true motive…,” with eyes that had a million chunks of pertinent information beaming out at the television screen. But what was this secret? We’ll never know, nor will we ever know what Casey was thinking when she utters: “Surprise surprise!”

The entire jail interview is very quotable. A few of my favorites are culled from my notes (I don’t destroy my notes like Gerardo Bloise does). “Life is not fair! People are not always going to be nice. I’m not going to give the DA anything. I can feel in my gut she’s alright. I’m just as much of a victim as the rest of you.” Casey prepared well for the cameras, knowing fully this would be played more often than Bogart saying “Play it again Sam.”

I paid close attention to the testimony of Gerardo Bloise, an Orange County crime scene investigator. Most of it made perfect sense to me, with the exception of just a few items. To Jose Baez he says decomposition only. To Linda Drane Burdick Gerardo says human decomposition. A big difference! Furthermore, Mr. Bloise extracted a total of 23 hairs from the musty 1998 white Pontiac Firebird.

Unfortunately, the other 22 hairs cannot corroborate the one incriminating hair. This will undoubtedly play into the hands of the defense. Karen Lowe herself couldn’t come to terms with this lack of additional hairs, that would corroborate the prosecution’s thesis of a dead body stashed in the trunk of the Firebird, while Casey parties up a storm in the sleazy Shot-Bars of Orlando.

Moreover, I was having trouble comprehending the garbage bag evidence. I stand corrected, the trash bag evidence. Jose wanted to call it garbage, Gerardo properly termed it trash. But weren’t there rotten food items amongst this rubbish? And isn’t Mr. Baez right in saying this is garbage? I think so. That’s how I learned it. My biggest question, though, is why were the trash bags left in a dumpster at the towing yard?

And why hadn’t it been picked up already by the waste company? Did George and Cindy dump it before taking the car away from the wrecker yard? And even further, why did Casey leave the bags of trash in her car when she abandoned it? Is this even important?

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