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Can We Explain Casey Anthony’s Behavior the Day After her Daughter Disappeared?

caysee anthony
caysee anthony

Untraceable, starring Diane Lane about an internet serial killer, is a suspicious movie to rent at Blockbusters the very day your child disappears (June 16, 2008). But millions of others share in the guilt also, even if this was suspicious behavior on the part of Casey Anthony and her unsuspecting new boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro. Hell, I own the Blue-Ray myself!

(The prosecution has isolated this day as the day Casey sealed her own daughter’s mouth and face with ordinary duct tape.)

On Wednesday, Nathan Lezniewicz testified Casey was an ordinary party girl. Cameron Campana said she hadn’t changed. Clint House said the same. Maria Kissh reaffirmed her demeanor as calm and ordinary. Tony Lazzaro even said she was a good mother.

He had spent the night with her and the two new lovers stayed in bed the whole next day watching movies (Untraceable and Jumper). You’d think he would have noticed something was wrong, but he didn’t.

How can we explain this? We can’t in any easy manner. If you just killed someone, wouldn’t you look all crazy-faced, tense, jittery, eyes darting about, thinking the cops were about to nab you.

You may have gone partying to create a cover story, and establish your lack of knowledge about such despicable malignancies, but certainly one observant soul would recognize your ruse, don’t you suppose?

Yet no one witnessed one iota of aberrancy, one out of place hair or one misstatement, a subliminal utterance of culpability, a slip up on the part of Casey Anthony, in the wee hours after she is purported to have disposed of her own little girl, as if she were a common piece of garbage.

There’s only two ways to explain this extraordinary state of mind of Tot Mom. Either she’s the sickest and most deranged socio-path that ever walked on our planet (as the prosecution would have you believe), or she is suffering from some other psychological maladies, that are causing her to compartmentalize certain traumas or disturbances, occurring in her childhood. Jose Baez argues the latter.

If you haven’t seen the full volley of Casey Anthony party pix, go over to the Orlando Sentinel to view them. Look at every single pic. There are over a hundred of them.

Casey is blatantly jubilant, even sexually wired-up in every single friggin’ photograph. It’s as if she thought to document the entire crime and its aftermath, if you buy into the prosecution’s theory of how it went down.

Please sort through every word of the last two days of testimony. You’ll miss something important if you don’t. Ordinary duct tape on a gas can. Okay, here’s what I found buried in the testimony of two key witnesses. On June 23rd Tony Lazzaro didn’t notice any outrageous odor emanating from the trunk of Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire.

Moreover, George Anthony didn’t notice a foul odor either, when Casey returned the gas cans (taking them out of the infamous trunk) that she had stolen to her father.

This is very significant, because it establishes that one week after the alleged murder had taken place, the remains of Caylee were not deposited in the trunk. If they had been, obvious decomposition would have already occurred, especially in the hot humid air of Orlando, Florida.

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