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A Moment of Truth? Casey Anthony Nonchalantly Meanders Out of Jail!

casey leaving jail
casey leaving jail

Casey Anthony nonchalantly walked out of the Orange County jail at 12:10 AM EST. Jose Baez accompanied her. Much ado about nothing. Not if you are watching HLN’s non-stop coverage. Casey gets into an SUV and disappears into the night. No one knows where she’s going? But why didn’t HLN tail her?

She walks right out the front door. No decoys, nothing fancy. Lots of extra security, but it was over within about a minute’s time. Three imbedded reporters had the privilege to document Casey’s departure from jail. Three different reactions. One thought she had no expression on her face at all. One noticed a slight smirk and one thought she looked relieved and aimed for the door with purpose.

My own first photo of Casey ambling out of jail. A poker face expression hides a million tumultuous emotions!

Protesters were gathered outside the jail, angry that Casey was being released. One protester noticed red, that she thought was blood, oozing out from Caylee’s face (a cut-out picture only); right on the mouth and nose, where it’s said the duct tape had been applied. She had glued the photo onto the protest placard and some red seepage is interpreted as a sign from God.

Casey emerges from jail in a pink top and blue jeans, looking very thin. My take on her expression was she hid a good deal of anxiety straight with a poker face, where thousands of unpredictable feelings are disguised by some quality coaching from Jose Baez. The coaching is necessary since this singular moment of casual exit will be played millions of times on the television box.

One is reminded of a smirking Lee Oswald (with a black turtleneck) leaving the Dallas City jail, but suddenly collides into a bullet from a Cobra snub-nose .38 carried by a nightclub operator on a mission from God. Well, in stark contrast, Casey’s exit ‘is but a small affair’ in comparison. The most accurate comparison is the way in which the media keeps playing the 15 second pink footage, just as they did back on November 24th, 1963.

The real story here is the way in which HLN is squeezing every ounce of vitality (when perhaps there is no vitality) out of Casey leaving jail. There just isn’t that much there. Okay, so HLN sees a woman running from an airport hangar, looking like Big Foot (says Jane Velez-Mitchell). HLN lost her, so they didn’t scoop the story.

The dramatic departure of Casey and Jose. What will the deal of the century be?

HLN is left with nothing to report, so they are turning nothing into seemingly meaningful news. The only news is Casey walks out of the slammer and gets into an SUV and vanishes into the night, resembling more the McStays. Well, that’s making it out to be more than it is too.

But what about the million dollar deal, a first interview with Casey that will dazzle a crazy public? It’s not going to happen yet. Why? Apparently, Casey is too hot, too toxic (according to HLN). The public is so angry at the acquittal that they will boycott any product or interview of Casey. But you and I know this is wrong.

People will eat it up like it’s a cheese-burger, fries and a Dr. Pepper. Yea sure, they’ll feign anger, but they’ll record the interview on their DVRs and watch it more than a million times, then some more. We’re not that dumb. Why does HLN not turn their attention to other more important stories? Because their ratings are shooting through the roof, that’s why! The frenzy just won’t die, even though it has already died a horrible death. No news is news with Casey Anthony.

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