Florida Minister Says “Worshipping God Should No longer Be Done In Public”

Religion Goes Interactive

In the wake of the 2015 church shootings in Charleston SC and in other parts of the country, the idea a young Florida religious leader had, to create an online church, seems to be more and more the right path to take when it comes to having a safe place to worship.

The Church of Black Syientology’s founder Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad, a young 36-year-old African American author, created a hip new online church for young adults interested in studying his unique religion. The website which was built by the free website builder weebly.com, features music, books, artwork and articles. These were all designed by Muhammad himself and it is becoming the hot topic for internet bloggers worldwide.

Ushering in a New Age in Religion

This new religion comes at a time when violence against blacks, particularly those of a religious faith who congregate in public, is at an all time high. The idea of turning your home computer or ipad into a sanctuary where you can be safe and still get your spiritual nourishment makes a lot of sense.

Church Shooting Suspect

South Carolina church shooting suspect.
The South Carolina church shooting suspect.

No More Need for Buildings of Worship

With the innovation of technology, Muhammad says your sanctuary can be anywhere you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many churches are already using online systems to connect with their followers by webcast or websites, and literature and videos can be ordered online.

But most of these churches are still operating out of buildings where members congregate for sermons and other church functions. Muhammad’s approach is that buildings of worship should be taken out of the equation altogether and all operations move to the online system of connecting with members, as he does.

Church Shootings More Prevalent

Muhammad believes that buildings of worship are “obsolete in this day and age of technology,” and most of all, they are becoming targets for domestic terrorism. Sadly church shootings are becoming more prevalent and unarmed worshippers die for their faith.

Maybe The Church of Black Syientology is starting a new trend. In the future, pastors, rabbis, and imams may see it is best that they connect with members over the internet, rather than risking their lives congregating in public.

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