Will Trump Support Black America’s “New Approach” for Reparations?

With the 2016 presidential election winding down it seems that the needs of black America have been excluded or ignored in this election as many might put it. But now a new issue has come up which always seems to arise out of the black community during election time. And that is the issue of reparations for their ancestors’ slavery here in America, and just to note this has long been an issue that the majority of older whites have never supported.

The Majority of White Americans Oppose Reparations

This issue is really not new at all but a newly founded religion called Black Syientology has suggested “a new approach” to this issue which may surprise white America. The Church’s Founder King Nazir Muhammad or Prophet Muhammad as he calls himself, says that America owes nothing to blacks, but rather reparations should come from Africa.

reparations components.

America owes Nothing to Blacks ?

White America has long believed that the government owed blacks nothing seeing that buying slaves was deemed a legal practice during that time. And Muhammad’s approach seems to agree with that despite critics in the black community seeing his theory as nothing more than a way to let America off the hook.

Winning The Black Vote in 2016

Nevertheless, Muhammad has put this issue on the table for both presidential candidates to support or not. And although Muhammad believes America doesn’t owe blacks any money, he does believe that they owe support for this new approach to solving this argument. Muhammad being a supporter of Donald Trump hopes that he would be the one to support this approach because his image in the media has seemed to be that of a racist. And the support of this issue would definately prove to blacks in America that he is not solely in favor of rich whites but also in favor of the financial elevation of the poor masses of blacks as well.

The Church of Black Syientology, which many thought was just another black power group, surprisingly seems to be racially bipartisan. And their new approach seems to be taking this century-old argument out of the borders of America and redirecting it back to the land in which this whole situation began. And it would be interesting to see if blacks here in America will pursue this new approach by having to argue the merits of their injustice with those that sold them into slavery in the first place.

To read King Muhammad’s new approach to obtaining reparations click HERE

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