Why Are Muslims Becoming Anti-Muhammad?

Uncle Tom, Con Artist, False Prophet are just a few of the descriptions coming out of the Muslim community about Prophet Muhammad. And many are wondering how this could be when they have praised his holy name for more than 1400 years?

It is common knowledge that in the Islamic world, to insult the prophet is a mortal sin, a sin that often comes with a death sentence. It should be made clear that the Quran does not say this – it is a human interpretation. So why would Muslims of all people dare engage in anti-Muhammad propaganda to defame their spiritual leader?

It was just two years ago that Muslims where sending out death threats over the “draw Muhammad contest” in the USA. This contest drove some muslims into a frenzy over its perceived disrespect for their prophet.

But now in a strange turn of events, it is those very people who swore to defend the dignity and holiness of his name that are becoming anti-Muhammad.

But just to clear things up, it is not the prophet Muhammad of 1400 years ago that they are player-hating on – it is the Prophet Muhammad of 2017.

Prophet Muhammad Vs. Prophet Muhammad

For those who don’t know, a new religious leader of The Online Church of Black Syientology claims that he is a prophet. And seeing that his name is Muhammad, by adding that title to his name has put him in direct competition with the Prophet Muhammad of Islam.

And as you can imagine, Muslims are furious. They believe this new guy is attempting to infringe on the fame of their holy prophet. And by doing so, come to power through mere “name recognition” and capitalize on the name of their Prophet.

But supporters of America’s Version of Prophet Muhammad “as he calls himself” say that like any other industry, religion is a competitive business. They say the Muslim world is just “jealous” that their prophet is widely unpopular among the American people.

And because this new version is radically Americanized it gives him more of a chance of becoming a national treasure – leaving the prophet of Islam out in the cold.

Although the title of prophet can be used by anyone, when your last name is Muhammad it seems to create a serious problem in the world of religion. Especially when that name is being used to promote homos*xuality and lesbianism and the big kicker – promoting America of all places as “The New Holy Land.”

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By Who Deen E.

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