The Man Who Wants to Be “Black America’s Baby Daddy”

Prophet Baby Daddy

A young African American religious leader by the name of Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad wants to sell his sperm to young women who want kids but don’t want the fuss of a dead beat father or ask they call them “baby daddies.” Sounds simple enough but I don’t think he has thought it through. A baby daddy with one baby mama’s drama is a headache – just think of 20 million?

But being a sperm donor is not all he would be because he believes he can help the mothers raise the kids online through the teachings of his new religion Black Syientology. And by making himself a role model and a rising celebrity for black youth to look up to, he feels he can be a positive influence in their lives. And for those who would just be in it for the bragging rights of being known as Prophet Muhammad’s baby momma, I guess this is a good deal for those ladies too.

Man of Many Talents

But ladies, Muhammad is no Doctor Huxtable, he is in fact an ex-con turned writer and religious leader and has authored several books and is the founder of his own black power religion. He is also an advocate for gay rights and is known as the lesbian messiah in the gay community after authoring the first Lesbian Bible which gained him much recognition as well as criticism.

Black baby crying for his baby daddy
Black baby crying for baby daddy

But many black women would say that this is nothing new, because most black men are sperm donors anyway. The reason being, the latest estimate for the rate of black single mothers in America is 72% and rising. But for an average person to have the chance to have a child with a celebrity is the new twist to sperm donation and a new way to make your girlfriends jealous.

Celebrity Baby Daddy

Maybe Muhammad is on to something, maybe this might start a new trend with celebrities selling their sperm – I know many women would jump at the chance to have a baby with say Denzel Washington.

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