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The Good Side of Human Cloning

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In this article I want to offer my personal perspective on the issue of Human Cloning. As a people raised on a shallow view of religion and the insight it offers, we can oftentimes only look at the issues it deals with in a literal sense and miss the deeper meaning.

Human cloning is one of those issues that tugs at man’s shallow religious views of humanity and god. But as I see it, the bible speaks of cloning from genesis to the philosophies of Jesus himself. Genesis 1:27 states that god “created” man in his own image and likeness – Created being the operative word.

I would like to point out that Scientists exist because they were created in the image of god. Meaning god among many other things is a Scientist, the greatest of all scientists.

And I believe man was created by way of science – more specifically the process of cloning. I believe god cloned himself and renamed himself Adam, or maybe that was god’s name anyway ? – which is possible seeing that this clone was not some new being but simply a replica of god himself.

And with the help of women this cloning process has continued throughout human history by way of sexual reproduction. What scientists have created with the technical process of cloning is basically the same process – minus the sexual contact.

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Sexual reproduction is a natural cloning process but what scientists have created is no less natural – it is only an updated version of something that is now considered primitive to some. And many would like to believe that a clone is some other person or entity – but it is the exact same person. The only things that may be different in some cases are the appearance of the person and that their former life memories may not be dormant.

But for instance, a clone of a famous person whose life has been documented in a biography would be in a great position for being cloned. They could be told and learn exactly who they are and not have to grow up making all the mistakes we face when trying to create an identity on our own.

What is very important about the process of cloning is that the “sting” of death would be taken away, because no one would fear it anymore. And the biblical hope that there is life after death would no longer be a hope but a sure reality.

I believe that the physical death can not be avoided but the “Blood / DNA” is more important, because it can live forever in another body – eternally. If we look at what Jesus spoke about concerning Resurrection in Scientific terms, I believe he was talking about cloning the dead – or resurrecting the dead. ( But I am not a Biblical Scholar )

In my opinion, cloning should not be feared. I think we should take the fantasy element out of it and see it for what it represents. And for me, it means Rebirth. It means that when I die, I will rise again 3 days later, so to speak, in the hereafter as the Muslims say. And I will be a baby again being raised by my children, which makes me think of the line in the Superman movie – the son becomes the father and the father becomes the son.

That would be a glorious time in the history of the world when death will have no meaning because no one will fear it. Deceased loved ones will be brought back to life and families will no longer mourn. And everlasting life will be a reality for everyone – and all of humanity will have the victory that Jesus enjoys.

The Victory of Defeating the Grave ( 1.Corinthians 15:26 )

I have created a Petition which asks President Obama to Legalize Human Cloning – If you agree with me, feel free to sign it.

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