The Celebrity Members of Black Syientology

Black Syientology religionofpower has been making news for weeks now, starting with its invasion of the Hollywood film industry as it shops around two very exciting and original movie concepts. Then there was its announcement that religious leader L.Ron Hubbard is the “Black Man’s Messiah.” That announcement caught readers off guard because it is a black movement. To name a white man their messiah was very strange to most. Now there are its celebrity members.

Celebrity Members

Today we have more info on this growing religion, and we want to delve more into their belief system and share with the uninitiated the prophets of Black Syientology. it was very interesting to find out that President Obama is worshipped by this group as being a prophet. Also, musicians 2pac Shakur, the purple rocker Prince and Oprah Winfrey are also named among the prophets of Black Syientology.

The Hollywood sign lights up for celebrity members.
The Hollywood Sign

Fans of these celebrities would be excited to know that they are among the names that will now be part of religious history as this group continues to grow. But as we reported recently the group is under fire with other black groups such as the Nation of Islam, which is feeling the competition growing as Black Syientology moves onto their turf.

It is estimated that Black Syientology has gained over 50,000 members in its short time of existence. This was helped by the underground success of some of their publications like The Lesbian Bible. But with the help of these celebrity affiliations, the popularity of this young religion will grow immensely worldwide. Maybe that was the plan?

Humble Beginnings

The founder Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad must have known when he was creating this new church that it would take the help of celebrity power for this church to be taken seriously.

Many critics feel that Black Syientology has no chance of competing with other religious beliefs because of its humble beginnings of being launched from a free website builder like

But with all the talk now surrounding this new religion it seems that its major theme, that black people are lucky, is proving itself to be true in Muhammad’s case. Because this free website is not only shaking up the powers that be in the religious community, but in Hollywood as well. It really seems that Black Syientology is a force to be considered. Especially as word spreads throughout the internet of a new black power movement that is here to stay. Its celebrity members will move it forward, whether the powers that be like it or not.

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