New Church Says “No Democrats Allowed”

There is more news from the ever controversial Church of Black Syientology that some may find interesting. The Church’s official twitter page released a tweet which read “No Democrats Allowed.” A statement which the uninitiated may find strange for a black power movement because 65% of blacks in America are democrats.

Is This Political Segregation ?

But for those not familiar with the policies of the growing church , it associates itself with the republican party. And it is a strict requirement that all members register and vote republican only.

In a recent article published by the group’s founder, Prophet- King Nazir Muhammad, Muhammad claims that their god Allah is “a Republican.” And that one can not worship Allah if one is not a republican themselves, which is original. Muhammad also tweeted earlier this year his support for republican candidate Donald Trump. And in the past, he has spoken highly of former President George W. Bush which is totally out of synch with black sentiment.

no democrats allowed in repub vs democrat fight.Black Syientology”George W. Bush is an American Hero”
– King Nazir Muhammad

Strange Call: No Democrats Allowed

But for their members to be required to register exclusively with the republican party seems a bit strange because the church names democratic president Barrack Obama as one of their prophets. So we reached out to the church concerning this story and they replied, saying.

“Democrats voted for the disgraceful killing of Osama Bin Laden and at some point they will have to pay for it socially or politically. And to protect our members from any repercussions from the Arab political power that is growing in America, we choose to stand on the side of the republican party which had no hand in the slaying”

The controversy around this church continues.

For more info on this growing church visit their official website at

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