It’s Not ‘Cool’ to Be a Republican

Has anyone ever wondered why some people are democrats and other people are republicans?

The answer is simple, it is because some people are “Cool” and other people are “Stiff Dudes.”

If you can recall, democrats have had all the “Celebrity Presidents” like JFK, Bill Clinton, and Obama and the republicans have people like Herman Cain, and Mitt Romney.

And can I say that they represent the essence of the republican party which is “Republicans have no Swagger.”

Young people in the new world have a laid-back, hip attitude, which the republicans have failed to convert to, and this lack of swagger is why they will lose possibly every time from now on.

kim kardashian for president

Republicans have a stiff-neck outlook on issues that concern the growing majority in this country, which is the poor. And the argument is that Obama hasn’t done anything for the poor, but that doesn’t matter because he wasn’t elected to change anything he was elected because he had swagger.

And to be honest, suffering makes the ghetto economy “Boom,” because suffering brings drugs and prostitution, and that promotes the penal system.

And for the record, what’s weakening the republican party’s appeal among young “White Voters” is that damn rapper Eminem. He has given white people soul, and they are relating to the hip hop lifestyle, which is made up of democrats.

If the republicans don’t get with the program, there won’t be a republican party in the future.

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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