Introducing The Church of ‘Black’ $yientology

Shocking news out of Florida, published author and self proclaimed Prophet – King Nazir Muhammad renames his new religion “Black $yientology.”

Readers know that Muhammad originally called this religion The Religion of Power, but today he tells us that was just a description. Muhammad says that the religious teachings were always about black science or the teaching of blackness.

Is Muhammad A “Black” L. Ron Hubbard?

King Muhammad says that Black $yientology is a lot different from L. Ron Hubbard’s religious teachings. Black $yientology does however believe in recruiting Celebrities as a means of promoting the Church. Muhammad himself is the first celebrity member.

Rather than clash with Scientology’s celebrity members, such as Tom Cruise, who he really likes, Muhammad decided to go his own way, as he usually does, and be Black $yientology.

syientology banner

According to Muhammad, Black $yientology creates “Supermen and Superwomen” by increasing the intelligence of black people through entertaining literature called Holy Gossip. Holy Gossip is described by Muhammad as a type of “Drug” which is highly addictive to black people, and through this process black self esteem will be increased to supernatural proportions.

Making Black People Feel “Lucky”

Unlike L. Ron Hubbard’s Scientology Church, which denies drug use and mind control, Muhammad admits that Black $yientology is in fact Mind Control coupled with the use of Marijuana as a means of reaching “Self Belief.”

Prophet Muhammad has written that black people will not believe in themselves unless they are medicated by marijuana. And Muhammad believes that with this new-found self esteem, blacks will become “lucky” and gain more financially in their lives.

I will not give it all away, but critics may argue that Muhammad is nothing more than a copycat. Muhammad says Black $yientology is not trying to “clear” its members. Black $yientology only tries to transform its members into people with greater self esteem and to become more intellectual. In addition, unlike L. Ron Hubbard, Muhammad promotes the use of psychiatrists and medication as a means of emotional rehabilitation for blacks.

But before you write Prophet Muhammad off as a copycat and a crook as many have called him, check out The Online Church of Black $yientology HERE and decide for yourself.

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