Introducing A New Religion For Lesbians

Lesbianism Is Now A Religion

Although homosexuality has been legally accepted and embraced by much of mainstream society, gays are still finding themselves discriminated against in religious establishments throughout the world. Although most religions speak of equality, their views on equality for homosexuals are far from equal in the eyes of whatever god is being worshipped at the time. Is there a religion for lesbians?

Bypassing Religious Discrimination

But lo and behold, (to use a religious term) King Nazir Muhammad also known as The Lesbian Messiah has long been an advocate of homosexuality and lesbianism. And although he has taken much flack over his stance on the subject, he continues to advocate lesbianism as an alternative to domestic abuse. His new project seems to be his greatest work on behalf of the lesbian community and may prove to be a great benefit to the nation and possibly the world’s religions.

After authoring what he calls The Lesbian Bible along with his creation of a portrait depicting a lesbian goddess ( all of which can be ordered through the church website ) many thought this was leading to some sort of spiritual movement. And today we find out that is exactly what Muhammad had in mind, because now he has unveiled an online church called The Church of Lesbianology.

This concept of a religion exclusively for lesbians is meant to take religious discrimination out of the equation so that lesbians in particular can find spiritual enlightenment outside of the more male-dominated belief systems.

lesbianology, a new religion for lesbians.
Lesbianology a new religion for lesbians

A Worldwide Rebellion Against Orthodox Religion

Muhammad believes that instead of homosexuals trying to force their way into other organized religions, lesbians should instead have and support their own religion. Therefore, Lesbianology was created for that very purpose. And as we understand it – it is not only a religion – it is the study of how lesbianism can bring mental and physical freedom to those non-lesbian women that may also find themselves living in social and religious bondage.

Lesbianologists, as they might be called, are not only believers – they are also missionaries assigned with the task of bringing women out of social bondage by promoting sexual and religious freedom. And although Muhammad has begun this new church online, he believes this is only the beginning for this new religion. He feels that if the lesbian community would support this concept they could build it into a reputable force that could easily compete with any of the other major religions of the world.

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