INTERVIEW: If I Were Adolf Hitler

How Would I Deal with Overpopulation?

If I were Hitler, I would start a never-ending war with a ruthless religious group that are trained by god to never stop fighting. And I would take all the long term prison inmates and release them into the military knowing that 60% of them would be killed. And then I would draft all of those 18 and older without a high school diploma and the jobless.

This will not only deal with prison overpopulation, but society’s overpopulation as well.

How Would I Deal with Society’s Degenerates?

If I were Hitler, I know most losers are drunks and drug heads, So I would lace alcohol and other popular drugs with a poison that would drastically decrease the user’s life span.

Euthanasia is the only humane way to deal with lives that are failed and useless to society.

How Would I Deal with the Single Mother Epidemic?

Hitler Photo
Photo of Adolph Hitler with Nazi flag.

If I were Hitler, I would lace the food supply with a super hormone that would turn men and women into homosexuals. And when both men and women crave the same sex, this would end reproduction. So there would be no fatherless children because no children are produced from homosexuals. – This would also help population control.

How Would I Create a Superior Race?

If I were Hitler, I would extract the vitamins from the food supply to weaken other races mentally and physically. And I would weaken the economy to force physically stronger races to donate their blood and plasma to my race for money. This would make my race stronger while all other races are getting weaker.

We would be Superior because all others would be not only financially weak but physically weak as well. – Seig Heil ! ! !

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Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
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