Feminism Vs. Islam: Was 9/11 A “Domestic Violence Call?” #MeToo

This dissertation was written as a qualification to obtain legitimacy of my Prophet-hood and to establish The Church of Black Syientology as a legitimate religion.

We begin by looking back at the events of Sept 11th 2001. We want to examine the significance of ( the date ) on which that horrific event took place and what it could possibly represent.

I want to tie the fact that America has the reputation for being ( the world police ) to the fact that the middle-east has some of the highest rates of violence against women in the world. And by knowing those two facts, the date and its relation to the violence against women in the east will further clarify my theory that feminism and Islam are at war.


First to consider is this, Is the feminist movement more powerful than one would give them credit for being. Could 9/11 have been orchestrated by leaders of that movement to cause America to spring into action against Arab Men? Particularly the leaders in the Arab world who were bent on reinforcing the laws and culture and religion that causes Arab women to remain socially enslaved.

Could this be why that event took place on 9/11, 9/11 universally meaning emergency and a call for help. Could the feminist have been so frustrated with what the women of the middle-east are enduring that they called 9/11? As any woman or women would in a domestic violence situation of such magnitude.

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Could they have thought that the only way that America would respond was with an attack on the twin towers? Using members of terrorist groups to commit the act, to cover their involvement. And the war on terror was really a war on the ( domestic terrorism ) being waged against the women of that region.

Thinking back, It was initially said that America was going to war in the middle-east to bring “Freedom.” Codename: Operation Enduring Freedom.

But freedom for who, and freedom from what? Could this have meant freedom from the oppression women are undergoing at the hands of womanizing religious fanatics who use religion to justify the cruel treatment of women?

Not just words of empathy, the internet is bombarded with reports of the unspeakable torture and maiming of women at the hands of Arab men. Beaten in the streets for begging for food, and in some cases – set on fire for getting an education. Viciously dominated by men in the name of god, and maybe after centuries of this they were desperate to be free.

But before we redirect the blame at feminists for the deaths of those who lost their lives that day, there’s more. Reports have been made that employees at the twin towers got emails warning them “not to come in that day.”

So if our theory is correct whoever arranged this attack did not want the deaths of innocent people but instead wanted to provoke a response from America.

Maybe the cries of the Arab women have gone unheard for so long that this was the only way they could get the help they needed. And if this was the case, are their alliances with other feminist groups around the world out to destroy Islam because by nature it is definitely Ant-feminist.

Which, by definition makes the religion of Islam a direct enemy to the future of their cause. And believing with this one act they could create not just a ground war against the men. But a media war that would annihilate a religion the men are using to socially enslave the women in that part of the world.

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