Farrakhan and The NAACP Fear of Black Syientology

Black Syientology religionofpower.weebly.com is one of the most hated yet fastest growing underground religions in the black community with an estimated 50,000 members. It has spread by word of mouth all across America and abroad with its message of creating “black supermen.”

It is a hip hop styled collage of many different beliefs systems built into one with the central theme that black people are lucky. The religion teaches its members about the social workings of black America, both the positive and negative aspects. These teachings are designed to educate the reader to a higher state of awareness which leads to higher self esteem and intelligence.

And the author and founder, Prophet King Nazir Muhammad, has published 8 books which he pushes as being the sacred scriptures of the religion. Muhammad’s brand of “edutainment” is said to be highly contagious and scripted to keep readers coming back for more and spreading the word of this new religion.

Louis Farrakhan.
Louis Farrakhan cartoon.

But like all new movements, there is a growing opposition from the more established religious leaders in the black community who are feeling a little threatened. Black Syientology tweeted a memo which has been since deleted, stating that Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam coupled with the NAACP want to suppress the growth of Black Syientology.

It was stated that these two groups do not want Black Syientology to reach its ultimate goal of black financial independence by obtaining “reparations” for blacks in America. It also stated that they where simply jealous of Black Syientology’s legal solution to obtain reparations which would come by suing Africa for selling blacks into slavery in the first place.

Black Syientology members believe that the black media is also involved in this conspiracy to suppress its growth because there have been no reports on this new religion in the black media at all. Both organizations were given an opportunity to respond to these accusations made by Black Syientology’s members and the Nation of Islam’s managing editor of their newspaper responded by calling Black Syientology’s founder “a world class scam artist.”

We will keep you informed as this story develops.

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