Enacting The ‘Common Courtesy Law’ in America

Members of the Religion of Power have discussed the appropriateness of suggesting to lawmakers as well as the general public a new law called “The Common Courtesy Law.”

Revoking Your Right to Be Rude

This is because of the disrespect that exists in today’s society, particularly among today’s youth. We feel that a law which demands “respect or else” is needed to teach our youth the basic courtesy of respect for others.

If you look at today’s society, you will find disrespect towards the police, women, the elderly, politicians and others. And because of the hip hop culture, this type of disrespect has become the norm among our youth.

We feel that this law which was unwritten in the old south would help to protect citizens as well as police from unnecessary disrespect. And it would help to rid society of this plague which often stems from one’s negative home raising.

have a nice day
The Common Courtesy Law, bringing back respect.

No-one, whether black or white, male or female, young or old, should have to deal with someone else’s disrespect. Common courtesy is a right that everyone is entitled to, from opening doors to saying yes ma’m and no ma’m, yes sir and no sir, thank you and no thank you etc. Respect is due to all people.

Being kind to a stranger, no matter their race, age or creed should be legally enforced in this day and age.

We cannot call our country civilized if we cannot give common courtesy to all of our citizens – whether it be authority figures or a homeless person begging for change on the street.

Just because you woke up in a bad mood, no one else’s day should have to be spoiled because of it. And just because you don’t respect your wife or girlfriend, or your parents doesn’t mean you should have the right to disrespect someone else’s.

And most of all, this law will make you bite your tongue and restrain your actions if you are racist, so that your opinion of others will not affect someone who is not.

Only An Outlaw Would Disagree

Everyone should agree with this law. Conservatives should love it, because it brings back the respect they have long lamented has been lost in this country. Liberals should love it because they always want to control the lives of other people.

The Religion of Power believes it will help all people to be civil to everyone else, thereby empowering people, rather than tearing them down.

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