Did You Know That Prince Was a Prophet?

Now that he isn’t here to defend himself, there are many media reports about Prince’s possible drug addiction and what will happen to his estate. On the positive side, his real fans support the music tributes.

There is too much negativity from the media who never really liked him, and there are too many people trying to tear him down. NewsBlaze wants to reveal some huge but less known facts about his purple badness.

The Purple Prophet of Black Syientology

Two years ago, a small but now growing religion called Black Syientology was formed with the religious belief that black people are lucky. But that is only part of what this religion teaches, they also believe that America has produced prophets over the past 500 years. And among the prophets they acknowledge is none other than the purple one himself – Prince.

Prince was a prophet, in black and white.

From Sex Symbol to Religious Figure

They believe that his prophethood can be proved in his lyrics along with the circumstances in which the artist died. They note that the song Lets Go Crazy in which Prince says “don’t let the elevator break us down,” is significant – because he died in an elevator. Also, they say they always knew the song Sometimes it snows in April was significant, but not why. Now they know the reason. They say the fact that he died in the month of April is a testament to the fact that he prophesized his own demise years ago.

” I see the future and it will be” – Lyrics from The Batman Soundtrack

It is also a little known fact that Prince originally wanted to name the movie Purple Rain The Second Coming and that he wanted an ex-lover to refer to him as The Messiah. Although Black Syientology doesn’t consider him a messiah, it seems that Prince knew on some level that he was some sort of religious figure. And thanks to Black Syientology he will now live on in the memories of their followers as that religious figure.

“We always knew his lyrics were significant.” – King Nazir Muhammad.

Prince Was A Prophet

It is not uncommon for black religions to look at musical figures this way. The Rastafarians named the great reggae artist Bob Marley a prophet within their religion’s ideology. So many fans of Prince – young and old – may now look at his lyrics in a new light. At the same time, many music executives may wonder if this will give his music greater value seeing that he is considered by this growing religion as a prophet.

But of course that is if this religion can escape the lurking shadow of being considered a knock off of the more widely known religion of SCIENTOLOGY.

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