Critics Call Black Syientologists “The New Jews”

The black community is buzzing with talk of this new religion or church called The Church of Black Syientology. It has been silently growing under the radar for about two years now – with its method of word of mouth advertisement. The church leader says many black leaders such as Louis Farrakhan and members of the NAACP have spoken out about the new group calling them Jewish exploiters of the poor and uneducated.

“We Are Getting More Support From Whites Than Blacks” – Official Church Statement

Many blacks are disturbed by many of the inflammatory comments the leader of this church has made against blacks – one of which was agreeing that blacks are 3/5 of a human being. And the suggestion that African Americans should sue their homeland of Africa for slavery reparations has been condemned by many as a deliberate attempt to create disunity.

Black Syientology pic.
Black Syientology pic.

Although the church’s purpose seemed to be one of promoting black power, the opinion is growing that its purpose is to exploit black culture for financial gain. And the founder, King Nazir Muhammad, has been labeled by non-blacks as a con-artist trying to steal the fame of Scientology to promote his own religious brainwashing. But nevertheless, much effort has been put into the formation and promotion of this online church and its views, whether subversive or not. And although much of the feedback has not been positive, the interest in this new religion continues to grow among blacks and whites alike.

So what is this church really all about ?

Most feel that it is just another get-rich scheme to use religion and the black community’s need for social and cultural power to make money. But that is only looking at this new movement from a black perspective that has become so biased against this new church. Others are more curious as to why a black power leader would insult the very people he wishes to empower – if that is indeed the mission of this group.

Or is there something more covert going on?

Is this group truly seeking black power or are they assisting in sustaining the stability of white power? Could this church even be a front for a white supremacy group posing as black supremacist while spreading the teachings of slave thinking disguised to look like free thinking?

It would not be the first time the wool has been pulled over the eyes of a people others wanted to control.

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