Black Syientology Wants to Recruit Nicki Minaj

The newly formed and growing online church of Black Syientology [Religionofpower] is quietly beginning its celebrity recruitment campaign and they have their eyes on rapper Nicki Minaj to be their first celebrity female member.

Creating Black Supermen And Women

The church sees Minaj as the perfect female member because she personifies the type of black woman the church wants to associate itself with. The church’s motto is that it can create supermen and women through its teachings – women like Nicki Minaj.

Now we are almost sure the church can’t make every woman look like Nicki Minaj unfortunately, but possibly the church means that it can help black women to possess the same self esteem. The church sees Minaj as a positive role model for black women. Sexy, intelligent, creative and with an out-of-this-world confidence in herself.

A Symbol For Black Women

Unlike other black power movements of the past, the church’s only mission is to build black self esteem. The members believe this creates the supernatural effect of making the person lucky. The religion believes that goals such as becoming wealthy and famous can be achieved through Black Syientology’s teachings and Nicki would serve as a symbol of what a black female syientologist could be.

The Church of Black Syientology : Official Statement

“Nicki Minaj would be a great and valuable asset to our group, and a symbol for what all black women should strive to be. She is the personification of Black Power, which is Beautiful, Sexy, Creative and Confident. And even if she doesn’t join us officially, all that she is will still be considered by us the ultimate goal for our young black female syientologists to try to obtain.”

It seems the church is definitely looking to expand itself within the black community and members such as Nicki Minaj would certainly give it credibility. But would Minaj even consider associating herself with a group that says one minute that black people are lucky to be black and the next that # Black Lives DONT Matter ?

Maybe we will soon find out.

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