Black Syientology Names L. Ron Hubbard “The Black Man’s Messiah”

The fast growing religion of Black Syientology, which is only about two years old, is continuing to make headlines with its radical message of transforming black people into “Supermen” – and women of course. But today it is making headlines by naming author and founder of “Scientology” Mr. L. Ron Hubbard – The Black Man’s Messiah.

This may come as a shock to critics who say L. Ron Hubbard was a racist , which I must ad is only an accusation that has no basis of truth to it that we know of. But the founder of Black Syientology, King Muhammad, says that although the teachings of Black Scientology are different from Hubbard’s teachings, Muhammad is still a follower and student of Hubbard.

A White Messiah for Black People ?

But given Muhammad’s affinity for adopting aspects of other religions, Muhammad says that Mr. Hubbard’s birthday on March 13th is Celebrated as “Saviors Day.” Saviors day is a term taken from the black Muslim group The Nation of Islam in America in which the group celebrates its founder.

Furthermore, Prophet King Nazir Muhammad says that his version of a science-based religion is the “cheaper” alternative to L. Ron Hubbard’s church because the masses of blacks that need Hubbard’s religion and diabetics can not afford it. But he believes that through the church of Black Syientology one can come a step closer to being “cleared” of a negative mind which he says causes bad luck.

L. Ron Hubbard photo.
L. Ron Hubbard.

Black Syientology Makes its Members Arrogant

Through what Black Syientology calls The Holy Gossip one can receive the spiritual power of “good luck,” Muhammad says, as well as a chance to reach higher self esteem and higher intelligence. And Black Syientology’s alternative to “clearing” its members is said to be just as important, and that alternative is reaching the mental stage of “arrogance” which is a superior way of thinking.

The End of White Supremacy ?

King Muhammad says that these are the reasons for celebrating “Savior’s Day” as apart of being a “Black Syientologist.” Because he credits Hubbard’s teachings as helping to develop this religious system which is the only way of defeating black inferiority – which I guess makes Mr. L Ron Hubbard The Black Man’s Messiah.

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