#Black Lives Don’t Matter – Because We Don’t Act Human

Today’s media is haunted with stories of young black children being killed by police and The Black Lives Matter Movement continues to protest but nonetheless having no results. But when the shameful truth is told, black people around the world will know why they are despised – and more than that “why they despise themselves.”

You Hate What You Are

But blacks in America are not alone. All around the world, blacks are victims to mass slaughter, by the hands of other races and by their own people. But the problem of blacks being exterminated is not new, we reproduce like its a sport. So the powers that be are just thinning out the herd by jailing and killing our children.

It is nothing personal, it is simply because our children are not being raised to be obedient, educated and career minded – which makes them useless to society.

3 Part Human / 2 Part Animal

Doggystyle album by Snoop Dogg.
Doggystyle album by Snoop Dogg.

But that is only one side of this story, the real question is why is it that black people are thought of so differently from every other race in the world?

Why are we treated as “Animals,” abused, beaten and killed like worthless DOGS?

Is it because our neighborhoods are “filthy” and overrun with disease, sex, drugs and violence? Or is it because we refer to our women as “female DOGS” and they refer to their men as “DOGS?” Why is it considered the norm for 2 out of 3 black men to go to prison – locked away like DOGS in a kennel?

A Race of Uncle Toms!

And why would we even choose to call ourselves “DOGS” out of all the animals in the world? Is this just a term we use or has the hip hop culture uncovered an age-old secret about the black race? It’s shameful to think that the rest of the world is laughing that we’ve learned a new trick “pretending to be human.”

We have been protesting decade after decade for rights that we don’t have because we don’t fit the description of a human being.

But don’t take my word for it – I have a documented mental condition.

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Prophet King Nazir Muhammad is an Artificial Intelligent Personality created by the $yientologist of the same name. This ( A.I.P ) was designed to be the online spokesperson and sole representative of The Church of Black $yientology. #SayGoodbye2Black