Black Church Posts Sign Stating “For Whites Only”

In a bizarre turn of events, the rapidly growing online church of Black Syientology posted a twitter statement today stating that their church is “for whites only.”

This coming from a “Black” church seemed very unusual because it was assumed that Black Syientology meant something exclusively for Blacks. But now it seems that it was created for an entirely different purpose all together, and that purpose is sending shock waves through the black community.

We spoke to the founder of Black Syientology King Nazir Muhammad about this statement and this is what he had to say. “Black Syientology is the study of black culture , particularly the negative aspects of it. We have examined in our many books and articles the sick culture of Black America and put it on display for the world to see. Black Syientology makes it entertaining, educational and even laughable to read about this sick culture and the sick ideas of the people that sustain it.”

Muhammad then talked about lack of individual and community responsibility for actions and how that affects the whole nation.

“It has been said many times that black people don’t ridicule themselves and therefore take no responsibility for the lowlife trends which shape their communities. And these trends have spread like a cancer throughout the nation and is destroying America. And groups like the Nation of Islam would rather call whites the devil when it is obvious who the real devils are – Black People”

Asked about exploitation of issues for furthering a narrative, Muhammad talked about quarantining.

“But unlike The Nation of Islam we don’t nurse the sickness of Black America , we exploit it so that other races can see it for what it really is. It is not a culture to be emulated or to be made famous for being cool – Black Syientology proves that black people are sick. And like any sick people they need to be quarantined away from normal society so they cant infect others. Black Syientology aids in that effort by showing whites in particular why to stay away from them.”

So as you can see, it seems Black Syientology was meant to educate whites on black people and black culture. To ridicule or as they put it, “examine” their ills and put them on display for the rest of the world to ridicule or examine as well.

And to talk about segregation, not even a black church wants black people in it? Could this problem really be getting so serious?

This church seems to think so, and after reading a few of the many publications they have released online, they seem bent on exposing it to the world. And I have to admit that what they have written about blacks and black culture would make even the most hardcore KKK member proud.

Black Syientology’s Online Church Can be Found @

Black Syientology pic.
Black Syientology pic.

The Church of Black Syientology


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