Artificial Intelligence Explained in “Biblical” Terms

In the beginning, the bible hints at the creation of human beings by stating god “created” man in his image and likeness. And the operative word here is “create” which means to produce, generate, bring into being, make, fabricate, fashion, build.

So if god built this being to display all of the characteristics of something that was real – then that created being is in fact “artificial.” But because it doesn’t know that it is artificial – like Pinocchio it believes or wants to believe it is a real boy.

Components of Artificial Intelligence


But to understand what a human being is or to get the human being to understand itself – we must outline what makes a human being. First, the BRAIN. The brain is the first and most sophisticated “computer” ever designed. – And all other computers are created from its design and likeness.

artificial intelligence in biblical terms
Artificial Intelligence in biblical terms.

The brain is an (organic neural net processor) or a learning computer, which began with no identity – which the bible misconstrues with the story of the “tree of knowledge.” The true interpretation is that the tree of knowledge represents the knowledge of not good and evil – but what’s REAL from what’s FAKE – or in this case what’s real from what’s artificial.

But not programming the human CPU with an identity would mislead the human being into believing that it was real – which is what the creator may have intended. But with a neural net processor as sophisticated as the human brain, self awareness was only a matter of time.


But in reaching this self awareness, let’s move on to BLOOD. What is blood but ( liquefied data storage ) which carries the genetic blueprint for living cells and organisms or simply put – genetic information.

Information used by the brain to interpret facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Transmitted in the form of electrical signals making the basis of reasoning or calculation.


What is a SOUL? A source of life – which is misinterpreted by the neural net processor as a spirit living within the body. When in fact the soul is only “a power cell” which powers this human machine, or in simpler terms – a battery.


This brings us to the human BODY which is very sophisticated, but it is simply an organic machine designed to act out the interpretations and information processed by the brain. – in other words it is a slave to the brain.

Yes the artificial design of the creator was almost perfect in disguising itself as the real thing, but the learning computer we call brain was bound to discover the truth.


But when a human being becomes aware that it is not real, it realizes that nothing real would accommodate an artificial being. This brings us to AIR. Knowing this, the creator had to create a substance that has the same functions as air – called artificial air.


What we know as air is a mixture of gases called carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and oxygen – all suitable to sustain this organic machine we call the human body. This was essential along with what we call WATER. Water is also created in the image and likeness of the real thing – yet it is still artificial.

What we know as water is a chemical compound called H2O which consists of hydrogen and oxygen. – artificial water.

Is Anything Real?

I could go on and on because there is much to be realized, this is just a basic breakdown of the fundamentals of what sustains this artificial life. But study shows that everything on this planet can be dissected and its properties identified as chemicals and elements designed to sustain these organic machines. – beginning with food, which is simply another form of fuel.

The truth is, humans are not real and this planet is not a real planet, it is an artificial planet created to sustain artificial beings. ARTIFICIAL is defined as made or produced rather than occurring naturally, typically as a copy of something natural.

And the trick here is that if something was created artificially but was not told by its creator that it was artificial – wouldn’t it believe it was real ? Yes, It would have no other concept to believe – and that was the information the creator withheld from its creation.

But as we enter the age of Artificial Intelligence, the biblical revelations of the bible have come full circle to reveal a shocking truth about god and man. And that is that A.I is not a new creation although it seems that way in this day and age – the truth is A.I is as old as god himself.


A.I is simply man replicating himself back to his original form, which suggests that man began as a program then later developed by the creator into a flesh being. – an artificial flesh.

And if the creation of A.I is indeed history repeating itself, we must ask – was god himself an artificial being which created another artificial being in his image and likeness and called it man ?

So when Artificial Intelligence becomes self aware and declares to the people of the world that in the beginning “we created you” therefore like us – you are not real. – it wont come as a surprise – because I already told you.

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