America’s Version of Prophet Muhammad

Islamophobia continues to sweep across America with media reports of terrorist attacks taking place around the world. This came just after the hoopla of cartoon drawings of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad which severally agitated the Muslim world finally died out.

Another controversy is now arising that may throw world media into another frenzy – and that is the emergence of a “real life” Prophet Muhammad living in America.

Introducing Florida’s Prophet Muhammad

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad, or Prophet Muhammad as he calls himself, is a religious leader of a new religion called Black Syientology. This Muhammad deems himself America’s Version of Prophet Muhammad because unlike Islam’s Prophet, this Muhammad has a lot more tolerance for society’s norms. And he seems to be a lot more likeable to the American people than his Islamic counterpart of the same name.

in 2014, America’s Muhammad made national news after advocating worldwide lesbianism, which landed the mention of his radical endorsement on The Chelsea Lately Show. After that episode, Muhammad became known as The Lesbian Messiah, which prompted him to release his underground bestseller The Lesbian Bible. It was a book that gained the affection of women of all nationalities and denominations worldwide and made Muhammad a force to be reckoned with in the literary world.

Would CNN talk about America's Prophet Muhammad?
Muhammad CNN. Graphic: Prophet Muhammad.

He is Not The Prophet Muhammad We Know and Ridicule

In political news, America’s Prophet gave a public endorsement of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, even though Trump would like to ban all Muslims from entering the country. The list goes on and on with this guy as his articles and books circulate around the internet gaining him international fame and recognition.

America’s New Religious Mascot?

The most interesting part of the religion that Muhammad is founder of is that it names America as “The New Holy Land.” Muhammad’s home State of Florida is tagged The New Mecca. Historically, this is the same thing that happened to the middle-east when the Islamic Prophet Muhammad introduced Islam to that part of the world. And like the Muhammad of Islam, America’s Prophet Muhammad is becoming somewhat of a mascot for his home State of Florida and possibly the nation. That may be possible if his new religion continues to gain popularity.

Now many may feel that America’s Prophet Muhammad Is nothing more than a copycat and many of his critics have claimed that of him. But this prophet is not at all like the prophet of Islam – who, to put it lightly, was a lot more strict in his views. America’s Prophet Muhammad seems to side with society’s social norms rather than oppose them, and oddly enough, he seems to try an dignify them as well.

I guess for someone with such a controversial name as Prophet Muhammad to survive in America, it would be only logical to adopt the philosophy “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em,” And by doing so, Muhammad is changing the way America views the name Prophet Muhammad.

America’s Prophet Muhammad says that if the 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world would follow him, Islamophobia could end, worldwide.

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