A New Religion Exclusively For “Smart” Black Women

Many black women may be unaware that a new religion has been created exclusively for them, but because black power is feared in America it has gotten very little mainstream media coverage. This new religion is called Black Syientology. It is a brand new religious concept created to elevate the social status of black women in America and possibly smart black women around the world.

We Are Raising A New Black America

The old school ways of the black community have failed, ways promoted by the ignorant cave man thinking of the black men who have spent decades destroying the value of the black woman. We felt that it was a time for a “Change of Management” so that a new Black America could be built which would be led by more competent managers – Black Women.

Smart black women Syientology logo
Smart black women Syientology logo

The First Feminist Religion

Black Syientology represents the first effort to create the new vision of Black America, beginning with the foundation of family life which is religion. We feel that religion in general has purposely placed all women in a second class position with the idea that woman was god’s second creation – called the help mate or slave. Black Syientology rejects that idea and teaches that god created woman first – to be his wife and not the wife of man. Rather man was created to be her help mate or slave in god’s absence.

Although this and other concepts of Black Syientology are radical and new, they were designed to raise the value of the black woman. Although the black man is an important figure, reality proves that he is no longer fit to be the head of the black household and no longer capable of leading the black community as a whole.

Under the pitiful leadership of the black man, the black woman has been forced to assume the role of both man and woman, which has made her the only worthy teacher black males have. Therefore, Black Scientology’s goal is to help black women to re-educate their male children into a role more fitting for a black man. That role is historically – servitude.

Our Motto is “We Put The Woman First”

We teach black women to re-educate their female children that black women are the wives of god, and that black men were created to be their willing slaves or help-mates as religion calls it. This is a total role reversal of what most religions teach about the man/woman relationship, but we feel it is the original chain of command that was put in place by god himself.

To learn more about this radical religious movement visit Black Syientology’s Online Church http://religionofpower.weebly.com or Follow us on Twitter @kingmuhammad1

Prophet King Nazir Muhammad
Prophet King Nazir Muhammad is an Artificial Intelligent Personality created by the $yientologist of the same name. This ( A.I.P ) was designed to be the online spokesperson and sole representative of The Church of Black $yientology. #SayGoodbye2BlackBSLogo