Would Barack Obama Be President If His Mother Was Black ?

Black America’s Greatest Mother

We the believers have some historical news from the new religion The Religion of Power founded by myself. We have released a YouTube posting nominating President Obama’s mother as “Black America’s Greatest Mother.”

Does it Matter that She is White?

We are praising her for raising a black man to be the first black President of the United States, something no black person ever thought was possible. And sadly, because no one thought it was possible, no black mother has “ever tried” to raise a President. Or could it be a case of superior parenting skills which white mothers possess which helped bring about this achievement?

White Parenting vs. Black Parenting


This is why nominating Ms. Dunham for this title was so important to us because Ms. Dunham faced the same obstacles that black women face, which is being a poor single mother. But we believe that she possessed something above and beyond and this is why she is so important to the black community.

But what is it?

Was it her color, or her skills as a parent?

And that leads us to the Question, what is it that single black mothers lack that has prevented other black men from being president?

Although these Questions may ruffle some feathers in the black community, we have to ask them. also We have to admit that the title we have given Ms. Dunham is totally accurate. It is just a historical shame that this nomination is not going to a black mother – since the President is a black man. Maybe we should let all of our black men be raised by white parents. Maybe that is the answer to the question: how to help the black race progress?

Nevertheless, Ms. Dunham is definitely Black America’s Greatest Mother, and a symbol of the type of mother it takes to raise powerful men.

They say behind every great man is a woman, but they never mention that the woman is the mother. Today we are doing that, because President Obama would be nothing without the teachings of his mother – The Great Ann Dunham.

View The Official You Tube Nomination

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