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Will Says…Here Comes The Media Circus Again


It’s hard for me to write my comments today and not write them in Snooki fashion; you know like they wrote in her recent book (A Shore Thing,) – In 4 letter words. I will tell my readers today; I will NOT Be mincing words, beating around the bush, no it’s straightforward talk and as Detective Sergeant Joe Friday on Dragnet used to say, “Nothing But the Facts!”

I am going to try to find a humorous bone in my body today as I pick a bone with the Media Circus, but it will be hard; for today my heart hurts.

So again, although I am at a loss of words, the words I do pick will be my own. No one will put them in my mouth and whatever I say, I will give you my disclaimer now: I take full responsibility for my words and IF some come out of my mouth that are humorous in this serious time, then feel free to write me back or my editors and scold me. This talk today is a serious one.

See, this recent chain of events this weekend and of course the top story today is the Tucson, Arizona Shooting. It was a crime of epic proportions. It left folks dead, including a little girl and a handful of other fine citizens. Now, the main focus of this deranged shooter was a Congresswoman by the name of Giffords, or so they think. A 40 years old woman, doing what she was elected to do, minus the taking of a hit for someone else’s cause.

Of course when all the smoke and dust cleared the finger pointing started. Whose fault was it? Sara Palin, Arizona, the gun, the bullets, anything was named and will be named. All but the real culprit, “THE MEDIA CIRCUS!”

I was on twitter and watching MSNBC when this story broke. Breaking news to a reporter is like a rawhide bone to a dog. They can chew on it for days, and if it’s really good they can hide it away and bring out at anytime and slobber all over again.

Watching how the news hounds handled this tragedy was tragic! At one point they reported that the Congresswoman was dead, and then two minutes later found out that this was not true.

The line of questioning they asked the police on the scene was downright ridiculous. I have heard better questions from the folks at TMZ.

Questions like: how many bullets did he get out? Where did the bullet hit the Congresswoman? In the head, said the police officer. Where in the head, said the reporter, – IN HER HEAD. These questions are good if you are planning to pull this stunt yourself; but I fail to see how this does anything but sell tickets, boost ratings!

I have had this conversation with my wife, Mrs. Roberts many times, about the fact that TV and movies do affect our kids. She does not subscribe to this theory.

I say; if you don’t think that this is true, watch politicians run for their lives and dodge questions from the media and then tell which one is the puppet and which one pulls the strings. the Media folks are the Rubberneckers you see when passing a car fire on the side of the road. only they’re the ones that throw the gas on the fire to really get it going. These days, folks would rather get caught by the police than a camera.

We, that watch the TV News, Reality shows, and anything else that catches us being real at an unreal moment is the reason this type of behavior is growing at such a rapid rate. I work in a show with 100 young-er people and they favorite thing to do is watch YouTube and find situations where folks hurt themselves and film it. Our entertainment AND news is based upon other folks misfortunes.

It used to be we would watch racing with one eye closed, but hoping that one eye caught a crash. Now, we are eyes wide open and IF we don’t see a crash, and a little death, we want our money back.

The politicians are supposedly the ones that shape and direct our lives and our country. However, I am starting to think, if we did not have such a morbid curiosity for catching folks in the act, maybe they would ACT differently. then again, I am not selling anything and the media is, your attention, and they have it.

Is this type of reporting the news good, or just like giving dynamite as door prize at a pyromaniac’s convention. The Pen is still mightier than the sword, as long as the pen has ink and not blood.

My plan: If you want to keep the press away from your event, then send them a press release and title it, “NON-profit,” and subtitle it, “How to make people’s lives better.” Then they, the press folk, will surely not attend. Then, pray you don’t have an accident at that event.

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