Who Really Killed Trayvon Martin?

This article is directed at the coming generation of young girls who are having kids, particularly boys. I want to address them because they need to be very concerned about the “image” their sons take on in life. With that being said I want to deal with a concept that is connected to a mentality that is getting these young boys killed.

We all know Trayvon Martin, who was killed by a “white man” yes we know that, but what compelled this white man to kill Trayvon? Was it racism? It could have very well been, that but that is only the outer surface behind the motive. So what else goes into the recipe behind the way some whites and some blacks and a lot of other races feel about young urban black boys?

trayvon martin
Trayvon Martin, at age 12.

The answer is ( Image ) and that image comes with stigmas and stereotypes as well as an “Attitude.” And the image in question is the image young urban blacks have created and that is the Thug image, which translates into Criminal, and into Bully. And if you fit that image, you are automatically labeled and perceived as that and treated as that. And this is not a matter of racial profiling because blacks do it too and they judge each other by the same stigmas that the thug image caries. So making Trayvon’s death simply a race issue is only another reason to argue race, but it completely overlooks the root of the problem.

For decades, young urban blacks have built up this image of the thug through movies and music until they became known for that and every bad thing associated with it.

Why ?

Because young people need to feel powerful and respected and many choose the way of the Bully, and being a thug fulfills that for them. And in today’s society being anything other than that is not accepted and not “Cool.” So a lot of young kids “Have to” take on that image to have friends and girlfriends and to be accepted and not bullied or picked on. But 85% of these boys are not truly like that at heart, they are just simply “good actors.”

The Great Rapper Tupac Shakur spoke about this in his life, how he “Had to” become a thug to be accepted and taken seriously, but it was all an act, and he sometimes got lost in the character. But as we saw with his life, that act turned serious and then deadly, and the important message in his lyrics was overshadowed by the thug image.

And the Thug image became something he got “Trapped in” and it would have gotten him killed, this is why he changed his name to “Makavelli” – to escape that thug image. Whether he also faked his death to escape I don’t know but I believe he recognized that image was a way to death.

Young people don’t understand that image has enemies, not only within the civilized society but within the ghettos too. The thug image is a road to “Death” because it is a suicidal and stupid image to take on because there is no win in it – only jail or death. The Image “invokes fear” in others and it enhances your aggression and that is a deadly combination mixed with low-self esteem in yourself and those around you.

But if you study the background of some of these young thugs, you will find that their I.Q is very low, which makes a person feel powerless. Most did not have a strong male role model so they are over-exaggerating what a man should be. Or they did have a male role model but the role model did not have a father so he teaches an over exaggeration of what a man should be.

So the thug image is an over-exaggerated compensation for what the person is lacking, which is a powerful identity. And for those that are not lacking these things, they are just simply pretending to be a thug only to fit in with the crowd and usually they are the first to fall victim to that image. Now urban blacks are curious about the Muslim “Image,” because on the surface, it looks like it represents that bully mentality. But again that image now represents Criminal, and worse still, Terrorist, so there is no win for blacks if they are looking to intimidate. The only outcome for that mentality is death or jail.

So all this brings me back to the question – Who Really killed Trayvon Martin ? The answer is those who have no education other than street deception, and those who did not have a positive, law abiding, confident male role model. Because these same people have been allowed to get in front of a camera and on the radio and preach about an image and attitude that will get you killed.

And then comes Trayvon Martin, like many others, into a situation where he came into contact with someone who hates and fears that image, and you know the rest. But the same scenario happens in the urban black community, when a young man walks into a neighborhood looking suspicious to the people who live there. A lot of times they get killed or robbed, so who is racist or really stereotyping young blacks if you really want to be honest – Blacks are!

And the sad thing about it is that they are working day and night to make what people say about thugs true – because they think it is cool until it backfires on them and gets them killed. Then everyone gets on T.V acting clueless and crying with Al-Sharpton and Jesse Jackson making them look like hypocrites because now they have to stand up for something they are clearly against – and that is using race to cover up the real issue.

The fact of the matter is this, contrary to popular belief, Thugs are NOT COOL at all. They are the most hated people in the world and like Tupac, the thug must kill his image voluntarily before someone else does it for him.

Trayvon Martin

1995 – 2012

“May He Be Reincarnated When the Image of Christ is Cool”

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