Who is Scientology’s Biggest Celebrity Member?

Prophet Muhammad or Tom Cruise ?

A week after Author and founder of the religion of power King Nazir Muhammad, also called Prophet Muhammad announced that he was selling the rights to his new religion to join Scientology. The question now being asked by many of Hollywood’s insiders is “will Muhammad be scientology’s most newest and most valuable asset?”

The Power of Name Recognition

Muhammad caries one of the most known and popular names in the world, backed up with a controversial reputation as being one of the most radical thinkers of the twentieth century. Muhammad made celebrity status in 2014 when he released a controversial article calling all women to use lesbianism to counteract domestic violence. Remarks that prompted the former talk show host Chelsea Handler to mention the comments on her show.

A New Kid on The Block

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The blacksyientology logo.

As the world may know, actor Tom Cruise is currently Scientology’s most valuable and outspoken member, but as the aging actor moves closer to the end of his acting career, people wonder “who will take his place?” Muhammad, who is now 36 is just now entering into his career as a writer, with to this day having 8 books published, notably The Lesbian Bible, a Music CD and now working on movie scripts. Could he be the next generation of Scientology recruiters / members that could usher in more younger stars into this vastly growing and misunderstood religion?

Ever Thought of Black Scientology?

Muhammad recently told us that he credits the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard for the creation of his new religion which by the way he has on the market for 1.5 Billion Dollars. – A price he says he would consider lowering if the NAACP would be interested in buying the religion which he claims is the most “invincible black power movement ever conceived.”

Although Mr. Cruise is Scientology’s brightest star to date, the church, like the illuminati is known to use top celebrities to promote it and further its influence. But as of now, it is yet to be seen if Scientology will capitalize on their new star member. But if they can see what we see – they may come to realize that Prophet Muhammad could just possibly help the religion to surpass the popularity of even the controversial religion of Islam in America.

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