Who Holds The “Copyrights” to God?

A silent debate is raging among inquiring minds interested in the inner workings of the power structures that govern organized religions. But the main point of interest which no one seems to have an answer for, or maybe they do but wont say, is – Who holds the copyrights to god?

For instance, just as every icon in modern history has an estate which holds the copyrights on their image and likeness – who holds the copyrights on Jesus? Is it held by the Christian hierarchy, or is it secretly held by the descendants of Jesus who are still alive today? And the same can be asked about the Prophet Muhammad and who holds the copyrights on his revelations which make up The Holy Quran and the entire Islamic faith.

This is a question many are asking today seeing that everything in publication and all images are protected by copyrights and owned by someone or some business entity.

The Muslim bible and the Christian bible are both copy written works and with all books sold, someone is collecting royalties from their sales. And seeing that it is a documented fact that both Muhammad and Jesus had relatives, it seems that those royalties would be going to someone related to those men.

Who Holds The "Copyrights" to God?

This brings us to the question, who holds the copyrights to God? But since Jesus never mentioned any particular god’s “name” this wouldn’t apply to him. But Prophet Muhammad did reveal a “name” to his followers which was the name “Allah.”

And if Muhammad was the first to call god by that name, would it be safe to assume that the name Allah is copyrighted along with the body of revelations which make up the concepts of the religion of Islam?

This may seem a little far fetched, but this is indeed a legitimate Question because in 2014 a Malaysian Muslim group pushed Malaysia’s Supreme Court to ban a Catholic newspaper from referring to God as “Allah.”

On (June 23, 2014), Malaysia’s Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling that found the term “Allah” belonged to Muslims. SEE FULL STORY.

This is where things get confusing because god is the creator of all and it should be any human’s right to freely use the name of their father and creator. But something else is obviously restricting the use of this name unless pre-approved by those to which the name belongs – which has been legally proven to not be just anyone.

– Interesting ! ! !

And just as it is forbidden to draw pictures of Prophet Muhammad, it is just as sinful to draw pictures of Allah. And to many this sounds like someone who holds the rights to the image and likeness of these religious icons and doesn’t want anyone to infringe on or profit from their copyrighted material – which “from a business standpoint” is understandable.

But what does this say about religion if one has to have permission to use the image or print the name of the god they worship? Does it mean that these copyright holders are creating so-called “religious laws” to disguise the fact they are trying to protect their copyrights?

And if so, has the idea of god become or has he always been nothing more than a commodity who can be sold but never owned by anyone but the ones who own the rights to his character? The very notion belittles the concept of god down to that of a comic book character or a dead cultural icon like Elvis or Michael Jackson.

So is god just an idea like Batman or Superman ?

With every theory there is room to be proven wrong, so I have created an image of “Allah” to demonstrate the legitimacy of the Question – Who holds the copyrights to God? And If there is indeed a copyright holder then this depiction which by definition would be in violation of such rights – and will be contested.

And if not, the 1.62 Billion Muslims around the world finally get to see a cool depiction of the god they only know by name but have never seen until now.

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