Does White Supremacist Religious Theology Teach That “Black People” Are Devils?

Every black person religious or not can cite that they are familiar with the black supremacy teachings of Louis Farrakhan. Teachings which argue that black people are original people while whites are genetically engineered. And by their very design are pure evil and as they put it in “religious terms” – devils.

Now, as anyone knows to every ideology there is an “opposite ideology” and in this case – White Supremacy. But in these modern times African Americans know very little of the core beliefs of White Supremacy in the religious aspect.

Because unlike Minister Farrakhan, whites do not publicize their radical “religious beliefs” in regards to race. But Farrakhan believes that Whites are genetically predisposed to evil, and their deeds are the proof of that.

It is logical to assume that white Supremacy religious theology teaches the exact opposite. Meaning that black people are genetically predisposed to evil and their deeds are proof that they are in fact – devils.

racism black devils.
Racism – Black Devil.

And if that is the case, this just may be the source of the race dispute that has raged on for ages between Whites and blacks. A dispute that by it’s very nature is out to prove that one is descended from heaven – and the other from hell.

And although many blacks don’t publicly agree with Farrakhan’s perspective, they do when a white cop kills a black person. And the same can be said for white supremacists when the news is bombarded with stories of crime and murder in the black community.

But if “deeds” are the standards by which evil is judged, would it be fair to say that blacks are the true devils ?

Although Whites may plague blacks with injustices that are often times unwarranted, that treatment is probably due to the religious belief that “devils” are devils and should be subdued at all times.

The deeper and more perplexing question is – why do blacks inflict – “if not worse” – those same injustices upon each other ?

Could the religious teachings of white supremacy theology actually be true? And black on black crime, hate and persecution are the proof that “devils” are devils and should be subdued at all times?

Does the horrible mistreatment blacks inflict upon each other prove that blacks have an inherent instinct that blacks are genetic devils? And because of that, they should be inflicted with the fire and pitchforks of mental and physical persecution?

And if that is the case, what is the fate of a people who are proving true the religious beliefs of the power structure? – What is the inevitable fate of devils?

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