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What You See is Not Necessarily What You Get With The Rusty Sneiderman Case!

rusty sneiderman
rusty sneiderman

Nothing from the Dunwoody Patch, nothing from the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Been two weeks. Never seen a case that makes less sense. Picture-perfect facades. Flawless professionals. Undertow at work. But where’s the rabbit in the picture that’s out of place? What you see is not what you’re getting. Public biography of Rusty Sneiderman impeccable. Impressions of Hemy Neuman, on a one lane path to success.

Where’s the crack in the sidewalk? Rumors of another arrest? Who could that be? Promulgated information riddled with contradiction. Said it was a ‘professional hit,’ then a more personal crime of passion. Said there were eye-witnesses, then there wasn’t. Said it wasn’t video-taped, then it turns out it was. And what about the call to police by Rusty on November 10th?

Rusty’s resume reads to perfection; but what character flaws did he have behind the facade of ‘professionalism?’ And what did he do to so anger Mr. Neuman?

News coverage implies that the suspicious person behind Sneiderman’s house didn’t resemble the shooting suspect at the Dunwoody Preschool. How did they know that, and are they retracting on that account? That is, isn’t it more logical that this supposed prowler was actually Hemy Neuman stalking Rusty, on a mission to detect syndromes of behavior, habits that could be siphoned off in his plot to kill the accountant?

The issue of this prowler is crucial, in my mind. And what about all the silence we’re getting from friends or neighbors, and from Russell’s wife, Andrea Sneiderman? People are spooked out. They may have some tidbits, but they’re silent as lambs. When you stare at a picture of Heme Neuman’s half a million dollar home on Lasalle Drive in East Cobb, you only get ‘suburban ordinariness’ talking back at you.

No vibe of what may have been going on ‘behind closed doors.’ And if I hear the sterling resume of Rusty rolled out one more time, I’ll scream! It looks like he changed jobs several times, what’s so perfect about that? And an MBA from Harvard, that doesn’t impress me so much. My sense from reading these reports, is he was assuming more projects than he could really hope to complete (biting off more than he could chew).

A perfect suburban home in a perfect afflent neighborhood. But what was going on ‘behind closed doors’ with this mysterious professional? Only a silence tells.

Rusty was overly ambitious, there’s one Achilles Heel. But how did he rub Heme wrong, and why hasn’t anyone come forth to say how the two knew one another? Somebody must know something? The knowledge of their relationship must hold some darker secret, or else Neuman would have skipped down the road on his merry way, with an immaculate career at GE and a nice family life as well.

Heme’s motive is mysterious to us heretofore. Just cranked up Eno’s Small Craft On A Milk Sea. Minor keys of mystery, good fit for puzzlement at hand. Unsettling feeling only increases when reading last AJC post from January 8th. Lots of quotes that act as kudos for Neuman, from an old schoolmate, Eric Rosenblatt. Eric can’t see any flaws in Heme; but one must remember, it’s been 30 years since he hung out with him. This cancer must have emerged in recent memory.

“An excellent person. Hemy was always very meticulous. He planned ahead; he knew what he wanted in life and was always very organized. He stood out in that he would buy flowers for a girl that he liked. He would send her gifts. He’s always been a great guy and I’m sure he was a great husband. And I know he was a great father. As far as character, Hemy is a straight up guy. He was the best everybody wants to be, really.”

Either Eric is not a very good judge of character, or else Heme has two personalities. The question of his Darker Side is the crux of the matter, for all who want an answer as far as motive goes. The fact that the cops have such a tight lid fastened down on the particulars of how they arrested him and why he did it, let’s me know they are honing in on another suspect. In the meantime, a baffling duality of suburban innocence versus deleterious machinations is projected to a very confused public.

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