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Westboro Baptist Church Calls Me ‘Rebel’

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I wanted a big story. I wanted something very controversial. I wanted Westboro Baptist church! I wanted them bad. I wanted to know them. I finally got a hold of them and they agreed to answer my questions. They were raw, new and something that would have shined a light unto WBC. To all my answers I had got this back.

“Dear Rebel –

I scanned your barf below, and I see one thing that is deserving of a reply… John 3:16.

First, you don’t believe God and you don’t believe Christ.

Second, read the rest of the chapter to the end (John 3) read every single word and until you do that, keep your mouth shut!

Why would they not answer my question? Is it because they are afraid of having the world know the truth about them? Is it maybe they are not what they seem, but queer, American loving people? Who knows? But what I do know is I don’t have a story to write about them.

So I did what any good writer would do. I e-mailed them back to which I received this response. After writing to them over the course of three, four days I have given up on reaching the story. I believe she had more fun proving to me that none of the Westboro members had a facebook.com. I was just going to go to their website, godhatesfags.com and copy paste with their reference in my source paragraph, but who would take me seriously with words they use like “whoremongery.”

I was also going to post a brief interview with Shirley Roper-Phelps from a news station but she was just too damn crazy.

Just as I was about to give up, I got an e-mail from WBC and so here is their response.

Me: “I would love some history on your church and the key members. I.e How Fred came to realizing that there needs to be new views on Christianity.”

Westboro:, “Not from me. Except to say – YIKES! NOT new views on Christianity! Just read the words silly rebel – the views are those that are written in the book! Hush!”

Westboro: “countless threats! God keeps us in our “private” time and in our “public” time!”

Me: “What can you tell me about your court cases, and the Supreme Court case?”

Westboro: “It is a beauty – a preaching tool to the whole world!”

Me: “How do you feel about being kicked out of The U.K.?”

Westboro: “GREAT! Another preaching tool!”

Me: “What are misconceptions about your church?”

Westboro: “That we care what the rebels have to say or do! Their destruction imminent!”

Me: “What are one or more things you want the public to know about you that the media will not tell?”

Westboro: “That they have to OBEY their God!”

Me: “Anything else you want to add?”

Westboro: “The time is short! The destruction is IMMINENT! You should have listened to us and you should have heeded our warning!”

This did not answer any of my questions as I feel they never took me seriously. I had waited over a month for a follow up e-mail and never received one, so I am posting this as-is unfinished, but maybe with just a little insight to their psychotic minds. Maybe next time I will find one of their protests and interview them on the spot.

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