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We Should Concentrate on The Life of Amy Patterson, Not Her Criminal Ex!

amy patterson house five
amy patterson house five

“She (Amy) kept saying ‘He’s changed, he’s changed.’ But a mother’s gut feeling tells you no. A man who is abusive, stays abusive.” Ladonna Salchi – Amy Patterson’s mother

Amy Patterson is probably dead, although Lee County Sheriff Lt. Ryan Bell will not tell us how he knows this, with an investigation in full gear. The peach-colored house where Amy and Daniel lived is apparently the focus for what is looking more like a crime scene of domestic homicide.

While studying a map of Florida, I’ve observed Pine Island’s location as on the southern tip of the Florida peninsula, on the western shore (of the Gulf of Mexico). You can get to Cape Coral by crossing Matlacha Pass on Highway 78, which will take you to North Fort Myers, when traveling eastwardly.

The house where Amy Patterson lived in Bookelia, Florida.

The Cape Coral Daily Breeze lists Amy Patterson’s address as 16005 Bowline St. in Bokeelia. Once again, I had to do quite a bit of searching on my map to find Bokeelia, but I found it at the northern-most tip of Pine Island on 767. It sounds as if a great deal of thought was applied in securing this spot for a home.

Clarification is still in need as to how exactly Daniel Proctor was able to put up a smokescreen that waylaid authorities (acquaintances, family, and her school) for a full month. Daniel was saying that Amy died in an automobile accident, while at the same time, driving her vehicle freely around. Yet no one noticed.

Amy Patterson

Now Mr. Proctor is on the lam in another stolen car (a 1997 Ford Explorer with an Alabama tag 47N82T2) and has a handgun to boot to use while hiding out from the long arm of the law. I’ve heard it said he’s somewhere in Southeast territory, but that’s a mighty big chunk of real estate!

In other words, he could be anywhere. This might be a more honest way of stating it. I heard also, Daniel left a note up in Alabama that says he’ll return to Florida. One can easily fathom, however, once Proctor sees this on the internet, he’ll stay away from Florida like the Bubonic Plague. He’s not that dumb!

In addition, a complete itemization of Proctor’s criminal record has been lacking in the news. Sketchy at best. Have heard: burglary, petty theft, but especially domestic violence against Amy Patterson. This is what caused him to do jail time (went for burglary also). One suspects, while he was doing this jail time, his rage and contempt toward Amy only escalated.

Mariner Middle School

Deducing this is easy, but figuring out why the estranged couple re-united is harder. The incident, which was a brutal attack on Amy, occurred back in 1994. Ladonna Salchi (Amy’s mother) told WHNT that Daniel nearly killed her. Ladonna couldn’t even talk to Amy when she was at her house in Bokeelia. Proctor covets her.

The focus should be on Amy. She was well-educated and was looking forward to teaching at Mariner Middle School, as the new year begins. “She felt it was a crime that a child couldn’t read properly. So she would offer her time to help teach any student.” Another quote from Ladonna Salchi, that tells us the kind of stuff that Amy was made of. In stark contrast, Salchi characterizes her former son-in-law as a ‘nightmare.’ Hope they catch the bastard before it’s too late.

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