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Was Loretta Jo Gates Meeting Up With Her Killer in Niagara Falls, NY?

loretta jo gates ii
loretta jo gates ii

As horrifying as it may appear (and as confusing), with Loretta Jo Gates from Niagara Falls, N.Y., three separate clusters of body parts are discovered, at three different locations and times. The ill-fortuned moll seemingly met up with the wrong party.

Forgive me if I haven’t completely sorted this out properly yet, but I believe we begin with her headless torso spotted in the Niagara River (near the Rainbow Bridge) on August 29th. This was four days after Loretta Gates left her apartment, telling her mother she was heading over to a convenience store, and would be back in 15 minutes.

On September 7th a few more body parts were spotted in the drink (once again, the Niagara River), a partial arm and a leg! The final cluster of body parts were discovered just on Sunday by a couple on a path, which is on Duck Island in Hyde Park. An AP photo of the woody, secluded locale was published in a Daily Mirror piece I was looking at last night, and was helpful to me, in picturing how this happened.

Apparently, Loretta’s head and hand were found in a bag at this odd spot. This tells me, that whoever did this to Loretta, went to great measures to masquerade what he’d done. Some seasoned detectives from the Toronto area have wisely pointed out, really all this desperate killer has done, is proliferate an evidence base.

Moreover, they’re quick to point out, the actual crime scene where the gory dismemberment took place, is widely contaminated with incriminating evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints, and blood.

Of course, the police need to find this locale first where these disturbing events took place, before they can nab their killer. Also, we may be right in an assessment that this guilty party is doing some zealous spring cleaning, eradicating items that could put him in the gas chamber! A thorough cover-up is a safe bet with this type of MO.

We’re hearing further, that the police don’t suspect this is some type of serial predator. Rather, they sense it’s someone who Loretta knew, which seems to hold true in something like 80 % of these cases involving dismemberment. The theory goes, a desperate, panicky killer, as an afterthought once the deed is done, scatters the body parts about to trick the cops (or to discard the body in what he thinks is a canny fashion).

To top this off, and while coincidental, another torso, floating in a suitcase in Lake Ontario, was discovered on September 7th. These twin torso discoveries are unrelated, we’re hearing. But still, one can see why a great deal of fidgety fear and jumpiness must certainly prevail in the immediate populace of upper New York, and across the Canadian border as well. Quelling fears that a serial predator is about with their handy work, is a safe bet for anyone with even an inkling of fancy!

Loretta Jo Gates is a mother of 3, as a few pix published in the news can attest. Why was she going to this convenience store, we may want to ask? I haven’t seen any news footage of this store, which is, I believe, at the corner of Main Street and Niagara Avenue in Niagara Falls, NY. Loretta said she’d be back in 15 minutes, but that’s the last time anyone heard from her. Was she actually meeting with someone, who was probably her killer? This makes some sense to me (as opposed to she was kidnapped).

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