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Was Brandon Lincoln Woodard a Drug Mule Hit Because He Was About to Sing?

brandon woodard hit
brandon woodard hit

Is this real life or is it a movie? Brandon Lincoln Woodard shot down in broad daylight, execution style with movie cameras rolling! This is the opening scene, then it shifts (alternatively) to Queens, then way west to Los Angeles. How do these different locations fit together? That’s your job, or better yet, a job for trained Manhattan homicide detectives. What did Brandon do that was so bad? Did Brandon breach some coveted code of the criminal underworld? We sense he did!

This is the reason why it’s such a great movie. Was Woodard in the drug business? Why did he bring three cell phones with him to New York? Moreover, why did he come to New York in the first place? Yea, what was the purpose of his visit? He had a law exam coming up. Did someone lure him there in order to take him out? It sure looks like it, unless I missed something when paying the concession stand a visit.

Initially, a bevy of news services tells us Woodard had a few minor brushes with the law. Then we hear perhaps a dozen brushes. Now it’s as many as 20. He’s a family man, but he has a dark side too! Yea, but the two don’t fit together very good. It looks like the dark side’s beginning to win out! Cocaine, assault, urinating in public, shoplifting a Whole Foods (come on, that’s the lowest!), and even a hit and run. The cocaine charge, for which he had a impending court date, most piques my blistering curiosity.

If Woodard was a mule in the high-stakes drug industry, and if it was thought he might spill the beans, as to his industry related connections, some people may have been motivated to silence him, before he started yapping up a storm with LA prosecutors. You’ll excuse me, but I’m simply trying to anticipate the scenes yet to come in our crime thriller of a movie, that’s flickering madly on white canvass, for a bug-eyed, crazily enthralled audience. Don’t worry, I’m yet reminded, this is not a movie, it’s even better, it’s a news story!

What’s so shocking, is that the NYC Police have all kinds of evidence. There’s the Queens connection; the late model silver or grey Lincoln MKZ sedan was found abandoned here. Someone rented it at an Avis and loaned it out to the hit team. Huh? How could this be? Did the loaner know the hit team? They don’t do things this way. No way! Detectives know about the gun too; 9 mm semiautomatic used in a 2009 shootout. Huh? Why be so obvious?

To throw off the cops and public, that’s why. No way they’re going to set this up so an imbecile can connect the dots in their sleep! They don’t do things that way. Layers of insulation upon layers of more phony insulation. Deceit, decoys, false subplots, fake-outs; no one knows anything more than their little portion of the plot. Big Stakes Bad Guys, I must admit. Mexican Drug Cartel folk? That’s a possibility. How and why did Brandon L. Woodard get himself embroiled in this huge mess?

I betcha money has something to do with it. Brandon projected himself like he’s a high roller; but this appears to me to be some kind of ruse. We hear he partied a lot and threw some big-time parties, drove nice cars, dressed classy, drank expensive liquor, the whole nine yards. What’s this all about, though? It seems suspicious and may be the key to what’s behind his death. Somebody high up (or way down low) wanted to make an example of Brandon Woodard. If you do like he does, you’re not going to be around too much longer. Don’t tell me how the movie ends; I want to see for myself.

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