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US a Crippled Nation?

I have in my life time seen much and experienced much, often amazed at times and shocked but always thankful for my heritage as an American. The history of this nation has always intrigued me and it tells a story about the birth of a nation like no other nation on earth has experienced.

Those who started this nation; meaning the founders were great men, educated and thirsty for independence. They left their world where Kings ruled with iron wills and wars were fought by pawns of the crown. Blood was spent mostly from the peons who fought and died at the will of his majesty.

Early Settlers Came Together To Escape Tyranny

The story of Plymouth Rock and the early settlers in the colonies struck a chord in my heart strings and I fell in love with American history. It took almost two hundred years for those who lived in those early years of the new world to begin to grow weary of their rulers, magistrates and governors of the King. The English, French, and Spaniards were beginning to battle for the right to claim the new world theirs.

The Revolutionary war, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Benjamin Franklin, even Benedict Arnold seemed like a story book written by Charles Dickens; it just seemed to good to be true. From the Revolutionary War to the Civil War is just full of the greatest of men and Presidents who stood mostly for the idealistic purpose of government.

One Man Held A Nation Together

Abraham Lincoln came along at the exact time needed to accomplish what only he could have done. No other man was capable of holding a nation together as he did when that nation turned volatile.

The Civil War left a nation at the point of exhaustion as hundreds of thousands were killed, wounded and homeless. Families were displaced and widows and fatherless children scraped together meager living conditions and substances to survive those terrible days after the War.

The President was killed and a nation already in mourning learned to live though another day in time. “One nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all,” flourished and grew into a world power.

The Will Of The People

Lost in this day and age is the will of the people. So powerful was this will of the people, in its early history, that it forged a nation of men and women who would never accept anything less than freedom for all men.

The Constitution was the standard and for a century, the true meaning of freedom for all, a nation struggled then realized legislation of freedom was impossible. A person must first change their heart before they can accept freedom for everyone, meaning equality for all.

Another fifty years slipped through history and equality was established. A president of this United States of America was elected by the people. Not just by the people who were of his own race but those who have no idea of who set free those who were captive and why the civil war was fought.

The New Standard For A Nation: Revenge?

This President now shouts to his followers to vote with revenge and get even for those earlier years. His slogan is revenge; make the rich man pay for their injustices. Lie, hate and win at all or any cost, but win baby win…

Certainly those who held people in bondage must pay a price for what happened but is that price for this president to inflict revenge on this generation? How can this generation living, pay for those who were unjust and their treatment of those who suffered the yoke of slavery? Is his contempt so strong that he will bankrupt a nation, make millions homeless, just to make his point of revenge for the wealthy men and their children?

Tax those wealthy people and redistribute their wealth to the poor people who have suffered their injustice. Certainly this is not a Christian who is expounding revenge but it must be one who is also indoctrinated with the religion that promotes revenge. His minister Rev. Wright is a radical activist who promotes hate for America. We are now at war with those who are radical Muslims.

Must we also declare war upon those who promote hate against this nation? Why then did people of this nation elect him as their President? Why didn’t they see through the camouflage of rhetoric the real truth that was and is so visible? Is his revenge pointed toward the white rich man or toward all who are wealthy?

Buying Votes With Free Stuff?

Those who voted for him may account for many of the 47% Mitt Romney was referring to… They are addicted (slaves) to the dole, the free handouts of this government. The giveaways of cell phones in the large cities by this political party for a loyal vote, and the debit cards so they could donate to his party and disguised the donation from others to his campaign because, temporary debit cards cannot be traced.

This is a nation split into two groups. Today in a world of factions, how can a crippled nation survive? Will this President bring it together or will he add to the crippling differences and pay homage to his idealistic position of government for Revenge?

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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