The United Nations Labels the Formation of Israel a Catastrophe

The United Nations (UN) has the chutzpah, the gall, to commemorate the establishment of the state of Israel with a heinous description, “Nakba Day” meaning catastrophe.

It is time for Israel to remove itself from this deplorable, good for nothing body.

Many countries partook in this “celebration” and Mahmoud Abbas-Abu Mazen, the man who represents no country but presides over a terror enclave named the Palestinian Authority (PA), NOT the “State of Palestine” as the UN sign says, was allowed to call from the UN plenum to oust Israel from this world body.

Abbas had the bluster to say that Israel “lies like [Nazi propaganda master] Joseph Goebbels” while Israel Foreign Ministry claimed that it convinced dozens of nations to stay away from this disgraceful event.

However, the question that must be asked is, why is Israel placed in the position of needing to convince any country not to think its establishment was a catastrophe?

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Mahmoud Abbas speaks on “Nakba Day” in the UN – screenshot

Why Did The UN Even Allow an Anti-Israel Bias Event?

The United Nations Organization came into existence on October 24, 1945, in San Francisco, after its Charter had been ratified by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States and by a majority of other signatories.

Since its establishment, the UN’s membership has grown from the original 51 Member States, in 1945, to the current 193 Member States. All UN Member States are members of the General Assembly. States are admitted to membership by a decision of the General Assembly upon the recommendation of the Security Council.

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The UN being built and today – Wikipedia

More than 45 UN country members boycotted the UN “Nakba Day” celebration, among them were the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, India, 10 European Union member states, three African nations, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Guatemala, Italy and Peru and Ukraine. What happened to the other 148 country members? Do they agree that the establishment of Israel was a catastrophe?

Abbas and his “Palestinians” push the odious “Nakba Day” narrative that promotes more conflict, more terrorism, more lies and deception about Israel rather than lead to peace. Since such an event was held in the UN, it only shows how shameful this body is.

The UN’s initial establishment, after World War II, was an attempt to maintain international peace and security and to achieve cooperation among nations on economic, social, and humanitarian problems. Hardly any of those goals were achieved. The UN’s forerunner was the League Of Nations, an organization conceived under similar circumstances following World War I.

UN Recognizes Establishing Israel a “Catastrophe”

Though Israel was somewhat successful in decreasing the audience, in a seemingly never-ending narrative of warfare, the Arabs who named themselves “Palestinians” in 1964 again got center stage and the UN state members’ ears to loudly mark May 15 the first official U.N. “Nakba Day.”

The labeling of the establishment of Israel as a “catastrophe” took place in the United Nations (UN) halls, despite the history of the alleged “catastrophe.” The history includes that the Arabs refused the U.N. 1947 partition plan of British Mandate Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states, as well as violation of the U.N. charter, when Arab armies sought to destroy an established Jewish state when they converged for an all-out war in 1948.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2022, the UN General Assembly adopted, in Arabic, its first “Nakba Day” resolution. The initiative, to commemorate (sic.) “Nakba Day,” the “day of catastrophe,” when modern-day Israel was established on May 14, 1948, was sponsored by Egypt, Jordan, Senegal, Tunisia, Yemen, and the “Palestinians” and was co-sponsored by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, amongst others.

UN denigrates formation of Israel with first "Nakba Day" - Screenshot
UN first “Nakba Day” – Screenshot

A total of 90 UN member states voted in favor of this reprehensible resolution, while 30 member states were against it. Forty-seven countries that could not make up their mind abstained.

In his speech that day, Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian Authority (PA) permanent leader, had the gall to assail the United States and the United Kingdom, claiming that the two bear responsibility for the current PalArab state of affairs. He blamed them for establishing Israel for their own political goals. Abbas went on to say “These countries wanted to get rid of their Jews and to benefit from their presence in British Mandatory Palestine,” and he falsely claimed that Israel agreed to the partition plan provision in 1947 in order to be “accepted as a U.N. member state.” Propaganda in play that pays off.

One should always keep one’s eye on the target as the United States and the European Union have been pouring endless funds into the hands of Abbas and his cronies’ Kleptocracy PA that nevertheless left their subjects poor and voiceless.

The thought that the UN could mark the establishment of one of its member states as a catastrophe or a disaster is appalling, repulsive and reflects the UN’s anti-Israel make up.

Such a UN initiative is simply a green light to the PalArabs to continue exploiting international organs that help them promote this and other defamatory narratives related to the state of Israel. More so, it contributes to Jew-hatred, which is Antisemitism.

Marking a country’s birthday – the 75th birthday of the world’s only Jewish state, Israel, which was admitted as a member state by the U.N. in 1947 – by calling its establishment a “catastrophe,” is one more mark of UN infamy.

Who Is The New Nazi Propagandist?

Though Mahmoud Abbas, the PA President, constantly talks about Israel as using Nazi propaganda content, the truth is that PA policy is based on Nazi genocidal oratory.

The PA education system is all about Jewish genocide, murdering Jews and destroying Israel. Since its establishment in 1994 the PA has raised two generations of brainwashed Jew-hating people who see the murder of Jews as a rewarding act. And indeed, the PA rewards the murderers of Jews’ families with hefty reward pensions. The more Jews a PA terrorist murders the largest their pay.

Mahmoud Abbas was born in 1935 in the town of Safed, in northern Israel. During Israel’s 1948 War for Independence his family fled to Syria. Abbas appeared during the “Nakba Day” spectacle wearing a key on his lapel symbolizing his plan to return to his family’s former home in Israel, meaning returning to the spiritual Israeli city of Safed. This symbolism means he does not recognize Israel’s existence.

The UN named the “Nakba Day” a “High-level event” at UN Headquarters in New York.

Abbas regularly interjects Nazism when he criticizes Israel. Last year, at a press conference alongside Germany’s Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Abbas landed in hot water when he made a monstrous lie accusing Israel of 50 holocausts. That met with outrage in Israel and Germany; the US reacted to the statement with shock and horror.

The PA chief suffers from ‘moral disgrace’; he supports terrorism against Israelis which makes him a terrorist as well. And if one looks back, Chancellor Scholz should have kicked him out of the country and should have made him persona non grata in Germany.

Abbas Denies True History

In his “Nakba Day” rhetoric, from the UN podium, the PA president also denied a Jewish connection to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem when he said that Israelis have “been digging for 30 years to find any evidence or proof of the existence” of Jewish ties to the site.

The truth is that for the past 30 years the Arabs have been removing any and all archeological evidence from the Temple Mount that can witness the Mount being Jewish for hundreds of years. The Arabs took tons of evidence and dumped it in the outskirts of Jerusalem. Archeologists have been sifting thoroughly through the dump, going through every grain and found much evidence from the 2 Jewish Temple eras on the Mount that ended with the burning of the 2nd Temple by the Romans in 70 AD.

The truth is that the Arabs who named themselves “Palestinians” as a political ruse that has been very successful for them, have been speaking from both sides of their mouths for decades, starting with their first Goebbels-like figure Yasser Arafat.

Israel Protects Abbas From Hamas

While they talk in the most inciting and dreadful manner against the Jewish people and the right of the State of Israel to exist, they owe their lives to Israel. People do not understand that without the fragile security cooperation between Israel and the PA and without the IDF operating in Judea and Samaria to prevent dissent against Abbas, Abbas would not be the PA chairman. This is because Hamas would have done to him and his people exactly what they did in the Gaza Strip in 2007; a total bloodshed of Fatah members, among them Abbas.

In June 2007 the governance of the Gaza Strip was taken over by Hamas; on June 14, 2007, following a short but bloody violent campaign, the radical Islamic organization Hamas seized control of the Gaza Strip as gunmen completed the takeover of the central building of the Palestinian Preventive Security Service’s headquarters in the Gaza Strip.

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The real “Nakba Day” – from Twitter –

Challenging Misconceptions: Arab Opposition To The Birth Of The Modern Israel State

Modern-day Israel was formed as a result of historical events and international decisions. After World War II, in 1947, the United Nations proposed a partition plan for British Mandate Palestine, which would have created separate Jewish and Arab states.

However, the Arab nations rejected this plan and instead sought to destroy the newly established Jewish state when they launched an all-out war in 1948.

Despite the challenges and opposition, Israel successfully defended its independence and emerged as a sovereign nation. It is important to understand this context when discussing the modern-day formation of Israel.

Israel Happy With What It Can, Not What It Should Get

Let us not forget that this scandalous “Nakba Day” event was held days after the end of another violent conflict started against Israel by Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in the Gaza Strip. It was also held in the shadow of elevated tensions in Judea and Samaria where the IDF has been conducting near-nightly raids in Arab settlements due to the escalation of deadly terror attacks against Israeli-Jews civilians. This was all encouraged by PA leaders.

It is time for Israel to fight with all its might the ‘Nakba‘ lie and other lies, like the “occupation” narrative the PA spreads like wildfire. Israel can no longer allow the PalArabs to continue spreading lies that distort Israel’s history and encourage its destruction.

Jews must end their silence in the face of Jew hatred. The time for Jews to live with their head down is over. “Nakba day” is a call for genocide and a real push back is the only way to act.

Nurit Greenger

During the 2006 second Lebanon War, Nurit Greenger, referenced then as the “Accidental Reporter” felt compelled to become an activist. Being an ‘out-of-the-box thinker, Nurit is a passionately committed advocate for Jews, Israel, the United States, and the Free World in general. From Southern California, Nurit serves as a “one-woman Hasbarah army” for Israel who believes that if you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything.

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