Top 5 Intro Templates for Social Media

All thanks to the ever-rising popularity of social media, businesses need to have a well-strategized social media plan more than ever. Templates for social media are the best way to maintain a consistent branding.

As many as 90% of marketers agree that social media has provided a better exposure to their businesses, while 75% of them agree that social media plays an important role in driving traffic and leads to their website.

When promoting a sale, a new service, or your brand, it’s essential for businesses to use engagement driving videos in their marketing campaigns. This is because videos convert better as revealed by 70% of marketing professionals.

To help you get started, we have put together the top 5 video effects that will help you make a lasting impression on social media.

Filmic Intro

filmic intro, Templates for Social Media
Filmic intro templates for Social Media

Developed with After Effect CS 5+, Filmic Intro is a versatile business intro template that can be used both as a business plan presentation as well as marketing commercial. With 1920×1080 true HD resolution, you can even screen this on a big projector.

There are as many as 13 video/image placeholders and 11 dedicated spaces for textual content. If you prefer, you can optionally integrate background music as well. With the drag-&-drop feature, it is a breeze to customize this template according to your requirements.

The Filmic intro is one of the best templates for social media because of its versatility.

Summer Intro

Top 5 Intro Templates for Social Media 1

If you are looking for a vibrant video template with greater emphasis on graphics than texts, Summer Intro can serve your purpose well. This After Effect template has 11 image/video placeholders and 3 text placeholders. The thing that grabs your attention is the stunning color scheme, which is again easily customizable. This template gives you an HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and there is provision to include background music.

Sakura Blossom Intro

Top 5 Intro Templates for Social Media 2

This short 15-second video template is ideal for making an impactful intro for your business. Developed by the RenderForest, it brings you awesome 3D animation effects. This bright Japanese Sakura themed template can especially be handy if you have a new business logo to reveal.

Modern Fast Promo

Top 5 Intro Templates for Social Media 3

A perfect template to launch your business commercial or teaser, Modern Fast Promo boasts of energetic animations and trendy transitioning effects. This clean and creative video template is available in 1920×1080 pixels HD resolution. It offers easy customization of Images, videos, and texts.

Hot Explosion

Top 5 Intro Templates for Social Media 4

If you are looking for a fiery template to go all guns blazing, then look no further than Hot Explosion. This 7-second After Effect template is purpose-built for a smashing logo launch. It brings powerful animation effects to grab the attention of the viewers like no other. Just upload your logo, provide a catchy caption and select a striking sound effect to get a professional video ready in minutes!


These are the current top five intro templates for social media, but as always in this field, things move fast. Usually, the best of the best are not fads, they last the distance, especially in the business scene.

Put your best foot forward and start converting on social media by leveraging videos. You’ll make your presence felt by using the best intro templates for social media.

What is your take on these and current social media intro templates?

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