The Tea Party: Racists or Just Concerned Citizens?

A Call To Action

This is meant to be a call to action among the citizens of America to bring order back to a society that is in total chaos. As a kid, I grew up in the south, and I know many have called it a place of racism and other things. But I can attest to the fact that we had strong values when I was growing up. They seemed strict at the time, but I see a great need for them now.

The older generation knew how to raise children that were respectable and productive, many of them didn’t have much of an education but their home schooling got them through life. Many of their kids went on to get married and retire from jobs and own homes and live a satisfying life. Nowadays we see children graduate high school and even college and cant maintain a job or a family and never own a home. And those are the essential basics of life, without those your life and name means nothing in society.

So why don’t the masses of our youth 18-35 have those things ? … Because they live by no rules … And rules are blueprints to life that guide you and give you limits that should not be crossed. Rules are what keep society civilized and without them this whole world would be a land of cave men and women. Although not caring seems cool at first, when you reach the age of around 35 and you have nothing, and your parents are dead and you have no one to turn to – you start praying for structure and security.

The Tea Party Was Right

This is basically what The Tea Party has been saying all along about our young people and their attitude, gained from going to schools run by teachers who stand for nothing.


In my life, I’ve seen a lot of adults that know the right way to teach their children but do not because they don’t want to make enemies with them. They want to be “Cool” with their children instead of telling them the harsh facts of life. But that does nothing but cripple them and make them dependent on others – this is totally the wrong way. So now we must rely on the government to raise our children, but that is a completely bad idea at this point.

I have offered suggestions to the Florida Tea Party about ways to strengthen our youth by way of laws and government programs. I approached the Tea Party because they stand for one thing that I agree with and that is tradition – and old tradition has its place in the modern world – just ask the Chinese. I submitted these suggestions that would not only help our youth, but it would also create a lot of jobs for those in these related fields. My idea is to show America that there is more to gain in rehabilitation then there is in letting these problems continue.

Four Important Ideas

Here are the four crucial ideas I have shared with the Tea Party:

#1. Bring The Pledge of Allegiance back into our Schools – This would help to strengthen patriotism and bind children to the idea that they are to live in this country to benefit it. Not to work in rebellion against it, and it gives them a sense of belonging to a group rather than feeling independent.

#2. Ban Anti-Government rhetoric from all public forums – This is anti-productive and it creates a sense of rebellion and also devalues America which stops children from wanting to preserve this country. And anyone found engaging in such speech ( Written or Spoken ) should be labeled a “Traitor” and should be heavily fined and or imprisoned.

#3. Outlaw the freedom to Mate with ( More than one Partner ) in a Lifetime – This is essential for creating a family structure, and putting value back into the act of sex and value back into women and children and makes people make wiser decisions when it comes to having children. It takes away the “I don’t care” attitude, and anyone that violates this law should be strictly punished under the law. And if they are found violating this law more than once then they should be imprisoned and sterilized. ( There are too many mixed families and fatherless children ) and it is something that causes too much stress, strife and confusion among the children.

#4. Encourage Marriage for first time Parents – This can be done by creating incentives like tax breaks, credit improvement, easy access to home loans, and the automatic expunging of criminal records. And a social worker should be assigned to first time low income parents to help with applying for these benefits. And a social worker should be assigned for a period of 2-3 years, to assist with monitoring the couple’s progress and assigning marriage counseling if need be. And the couple’s public assistance should be based on their compliance to the social workers’ assignments for them.

#5. The Enforcing of Marriage Laws – Couples should have the right to inform their social worker if the other parent is NOT doing their part. This means working or providing home child care for the children if one is not employed. And if the behavior continues, the guilty parent can be fined by the court. And divorce should be harder to gain without 1-2 yrs. of marriage counseling to prevent it. And if a divorce is reached, both parents are forbidden by law to have children with anyone else.

Allegiance to Country and Allegiance to Family

As you can see there are two major areas I believe that will strengthen our youth. Allegiance to country and allegiance to family. I believe all other problems resolve themselves once these two areas are taken care of. I know those with the outlaw mentality will not agree with these suggestions ( And they don’t have to ). But the fact of the matter is that the careless attitude that has been allowed to fester is destroying this country. And we have become the laughing stock of other countries because our society looks weak to them because they are socially more mature. – so I think its time we get a move on to catch up with the rest of the modern world.

– But I am not a Law Maker, I Am Just a Concerned Citizen

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