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The Insuperable Obstacle

Our government is confused, lost, and incapable of solving our fiscal, financial problems and neither party wants to admit they don’t know how.

When a problem is so complex and the people who are trying to solve it are lost because of the complexity of the problem; then it appears to the public who are watching, those trying to solve it are not intelligent enough to find an answer.

This nation hired those who are arguing over a giant problem called pride, arrogance, honesty or stupidity. They fight to see who has the answer.

Any good business man knows how to solve problems. Mitt Romney was this type of man.

One, don’t think you have all the answers.

Two, if you don’t know don’t try to fix anything until you completely understand what is wrong.

Three, be honest with yourself and others.

If you don’t have the intelligence to solve the problem don’t put on a robe of knowledge and pretend you do.

Intelligence is defined as the ability required, to solving problems. What we see and hear almost every day on television is our elected leaders don’t know how to get over the cliff without a financial crash.

It is simple for even the least educated person to see they don’t know how. Obama says he does, Boehner says he does, but the reality is, if they knew how it would get it done.

First thing is what is the problem? This person believes it is pride. Those in charge don’t want to admit they don’t know how. First they must identify the basic reason they can’t solve the problem.

People in government seem to believe they have the education experience and knowledge to solve any problem. Stop allowing this stupid pride into the equation. If you are the problem then admit it.

You can’t expect people to believe your education, degrees and experience is enough to solve this terrible problem that will affect every person in this nation if it is not solved. If you are not the problem then get rid of the other reason why it can’t be solved.

The other problem in this case is what? You don’t know how? Well why then do we see those in Washington pretend they know how?

Remember the guy Mitt Romney? He knows how but neither party wanted to solve the problem because of your pride, Democrats and Republicans. What makes him so damn smart he thinks he can solve it and we can’t? Really, is that pride speaking? You people in Washing haven’t examined the problem deep enough to understand.

The problem is you, dummies. For once in your lives be HONEST and admit you don’t know. Why because you have never done it before. Never fixed any great problem that will affect millions let alone some smaller number.

The history of this world is there have been terrible natural disasters caused by Mother Nature, caused by tyrants, caused by religious zealots and governments.

Maybe it is time for another terrible disaster, an extermination that will replace stupidity, pride and dishonesty with those who are basically honest, humble, meek and loving. Good people who care for their fellow beings as much as they care for themselves?

I am not making a statement to any one person or organization but an observation of our conditions in this the one time, greatest nation in world history. We have too many who have lived off the breast of the Lady Liberty and she has dried up.

They have sucked the life out of her ability to feed the poor and needy and she now needs help from on high.

The great disaster awaiting this nation is Socialism. Obama wants this nation to crash and he will replace it with socialism.

The people of this nation are headed into a storm of which few will survive. A mass extermination caused by a man and the people who support him.

The winds of time will, as it has done in the past, blow the remains away and there will be but a small trace as to what once existed.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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