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The Epic Story of Captian Pulsarin

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Dr Encarta had won the battle. Captain Pulsarin was defeated with no idea of a comeback. His semi-indestructible blue jumpsuit (which sapped energy sources and fed them to his body providing him with extraordinary power) was all out of action at the moment as it repaired itself.

Two hefty crones (humanoid robots) dragged him down the gallery of defeated adversaries, one of which looked like to Captain Pulsarin as a time machine. The beautiful Nova in her lovely purple jumpsuit could do nothing as her powers of super strength were negated by a toxin administered in the air causing her to be powerless. He didn’t even consider her a threat and invited her to watch as he proceeded to execute her Captain slowly.

The gallery was dimly lighted by a huge statue of Dr Encarta and a crystal ball imitation of the planet earth, hovering in its hand. It is bright green and blue orb that lit up the whole gallery.

“Any last words to your partner before you die?” Dr Encarta said haughtily. Captain Pulsarin had caught a glimpse of one of the objects in the hallway. The crones pushed him into an elevator of sorts, which Nova recognised to be an extrapolator. Captain Pulsarin gulped. He had been in one of these before, and it was like being naked inside a freezer. A chill rippled down his spine making him shake all over in fear. He turned to Nova with a smile and said “5th row, best gymnast and gunman in the world, 8.5 years from now, London, Barnes, my only hope.” Nova frowned, she understood exactly what he meant but that would mean…surely not! He nodded. She knew the nod- that meant he was serious.

“No one can save you Captain!” Dr Encarta said whipping a laser blaster out a gun twice the size of a large water gun with several complex barrels. He aimed at Nova who had dashed off down the hallway.

“She disappeared!” Dr Encarta growled. “After her!” He barked. The two crones let go of the captain and chased after her. She turned the corner as they began shooting. One of the their green bolts of laser shot a huge test tube containing brown gunk and it poured out and rose like a wave, roared then engulfed the crones. She jumped into the sleigh-like vehicle, clicked some buttons, pulled a lever and disappeared in a flash of yellow light.

Samson was a gold medalist gymnast. He had won gold in his school competitions as well as outside. He was the best and for a fourteen year old, he was only getting better. Samson’s pastimes are archery and shooting. He was good at throwing things. It was more of an opportunity to show off his unbelievably inhuman accuracy and ability. It was the Easter holidays and though he had friends, he found it much more comforting to play them online in shoot ’em up games.

Samson was currently playing Captain Polaris IV-Revenge Of The Fonaught on his cube-station console. He always thought Pulsarin rather than Polaris would have been a better name. It was a new game. It had only come out yesterday and he was on the last level. He was happy that he was winning. Nothing was a challenge anymore.

Nova appeared in the living room on top of his console and television, fortunately however, missing him by mere inches. Samson attempted to open his mouth but Nova flicked out her ray gun and aimed at his head. “The fate of the galaxy and your planet hangs in the balance, only you can save it, come with me now and I won’t kill you.”

How can you? Your gun is positioned all wrong, and two, you landed on my console and my game – I WAS ON THE LAST LEVEL.


“No. You barge in here with your highly attractive self.

“Oh, thank you. And start barking at me to save the galaxy. I’ll go only if you go out with me!”

“You’re 14.5 years of age, no way. That’s like illegal on so many levels!”

“Oh so what do you call this? Miss you must save the world? This is breaking and entering!”

“Okay I’ll go out with you!”

“Yes!” “Once you’ve succeeded.”

“Okay, 8.5 years!”

“What! But – ” SMACK! Nova had knocked him out and kitted him out with Captain Pulsarin’s spare jumpsuit.

Luckily the suit reduced itself in size in order to accommodate Samson who was not as tall or built as Captain Pulsarin. He put a helmet on him, which is an intelligence system that would help him during the short but vital mission. It would also tell him the many achievements and adventures of Captain Pulsarin and how he saved various races and planets over the course of his heroic journey.

Captain Pulsarin knew what would happen next. Dr Encarta had tried on several occasions to find out the whereabouts of planet earth and now he would be able to forcibly extract such information via the dreaded ‘inducer’. Captain Pulsarin knew that if Dr Encarta found planet earth he would pillage it for every natural resource he could find. It was ironic because according to Captain Pulsarin’ tales of Planet earth, they the inhabitants of earth known as humans, sucked oil (the life blood of the planet) to power their technology.

Dr Encarta would go further. Once he had extracted it and enslave the humans, which again was ironic because they did a lot of that to each other. Despite the humans’ many flaws and their particularly disturbing lust after war, they were a good race and full of amazing potential. He has important ties on planet Earth and he refused to give up the secret of where it was.

Dr Encarta summoned as many crones that could fit into the hallway to patrol and lie in wait for the miscreant, Nova, to return and when she did she would pay. Only a handful was on site to handle the alien spore situation that had spun out of control. The crones steadied their guns and fired at the spore but the spore only seemed to get bigger. It was moving towards the extrapolator and Dr Encarta was barking orders at them to keep the spore at bay so as not to let it knock the extrapolator over.

The Spore resembled the texture of someone’s vomit and the strength it displayed was as furious as a tsunami. It’s eroding ability as harsh as the strongest acid. Dr Encarta was not going to allow it to touch him even if his crones were destroyed. The spore roared like a lion arching into the shape of a dragon roaring then became shapeless once more before towering over the crones. Dr Encarta slammed down upon them. Dr Encarta used his mind to bend the torrent around him as he sheltered his face from any flecks or splashes.

The spore was forced to bend round him as if some invisible force layered him like a barrier between him and the spore. The crones melted on contact and were reduced to molten junk. Their stench rose as high as the ceiling could permit. The extrapolator was also hit but Dr Encarta would not allow it to be taken because the Captain would find a means to escape. With great difficulty, he stretched his hand and the extrapolator stopped moving away from him then began to move towards him as if it had a life of its own.

The large rectangular extrapolator was opened but when the door receded, the Captain was nowhere to be found. Dr Encarta growled and crushed the extrapolator into a metal ball then roared. “Damn you Pulsarin!!!”

Pulsarin ran at two crones guarding a door and clapped in their direction. A sound wave of force hit them taking out the door they were guarding like ten battering rams to a shed door. The crones were out. He ran in only to be surrounded by ten more crones with their weapons locked on him. Ahead was the helmet he needed to telepathically shut down the android planet of Hurvusk 2.85 feeding off of Concartephelia, his planet of residence, which was under attack. If he failed, earth would be next.

The hallway was filled up with crones now. He had sent some more to find the Captain and bring him alive. He would enjoy inflicting upon him a slow death for thwarting his plans so many times in the past. The hallway was filled with light and Nova and Samson returned.

“So recap, I shoot all the crones, avoid the aliens in the big test tube things and scrap the data base so Dr Encarta can’t find earth?” Samson said to Nova. Nova nodded. Samson brandished his stun gun and hit ten crones in 4 seconds.

Nova was impressed at his speed and aim. “Wow you catch on quick.”

Dr Encarta was holding a golden ball that was projecting a touch screen, which in turn projected planets. He was searching for earth. “What can I say? I want to go out with you, what more motivation do I need?”

Samson ducked a laser, slid between the legs of another crone and punched one in the face knocking it over on to another before shooting both.

“Erm, let’s see …the destruction of the earth and countless of galaxies?” she said dodging two bolts of green light that hit the pillar behind her instead. “Hey, let’s leave that to the professionals and the superheroes. We are the super heroes you imbecile!”

“Oh…my bad, I thought you came all that way just to chat with me.”

His helmet instructed him to use a pulse-ball. Samson pulled it off his utility belt and threw it like a cricket ball. He watched in childish awe, as the ball lit up like a disco ball with rays of blue and shot white beams at ten different crones before hitting an 11th crone. Its head flew off knocking the database out of Encarta’s hand. The ball bounced across the ground. Samson lunged for it but was stopped in mid-air and slammed into a pillar knocking him unconscious. Nova tried to help but was punched to the ground by a crone as big as two wrestlers.

Dr Encarta watched in horror on the display of the hologram screen displayed by the database, the droid planet of Hurvusk 2.85 was exploding, its mechanical umbilical cord being wrenched from the organic planet it had enslaved. Captain Pulsarin tried to grab the database from a distracted Dr Encarta but he was expecting it.

“I thought getting you would be a guarantee that I find out where earth is,” Dr Encarta said holding the captain off his feet effortlessly.

Pulsarin’s powers were being drained and Dr Encarta’s eyes were glowing yellow with power.

“But why search for earth when I can rid myself of the pest that is Captain Pulsarin,” Nova managed to raise her head blood stained head. Samson’s helmet was shattered and blood stained. Samson was getting up.

The universe needed Captain Pulsarin-Samson wouldn’t let him die. He scanned his environment as quick as he could. A crone’s gun whisked off the ground and into Dr Encarta’s hand. Captain Pulsarin was numb and limp. Dr Encarta dropped him to the ground and shot at Samson. The green bolt of energy sped at Samson who drop-rolled, picked up a breastplate of a broken crone and deflected the bolt at the statue’s hand.

“You’re a good shot but you didn’t hit me,” Dr Encarta said playing down his surprise. The statue’s hand cracked off.

“I am the best, I will always be the best and I will always be better than you, Captain-” A huge shadow covered Dr Encarta. He looked up and the crystal ball of the earth was descending upon him.


Samson covered his face as the glass shattered everywhere. Captain Pulsarin staggered over to him with Nova in his arms. The shards of glass seem to bend round him-his power had returned.

“He always wanted the earth, in the end he got just that,” Nova mumbled.

Captain Pulsarin smirked. Samson took off his helmet. The pillar he was slammed against had caused the glass in his helmet to cut him across his eyebrow. It would never heal properly. It would scar for years to come maybe. NO. Definitely. Samson was sure of it but he had to be sure of one thing… “Remove your helmet,” Samson said to Captain Pulsarin. Captain Pulsarin placed Nova down and removed his helmet.

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