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‘Sovereign- Nepal’ is Lost and Disvalued

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The fifth general convention and election-2011 of Non-Resident Nepalese association (NRNA) has ended. Now, Giba Lamechhane is elected the president of NRN. The founders of NRN are the nationalists- Upendra Mahato, Debman Hirachan, Shesh Ghale, Jiba Lamechhane, Bhim Udash and such personalities. But, since 2006, the condition of Nepal is in danger position. The sad part is that Nepal’s present situation has been deteriorating to a state which can only be defined as critical.

Nepal is in a process of drowning owing to rampant corruption, deception and insuperable foreign intervention. Nepal’s identity, prestige, traditional values and norms are its properties. Nepal’s flag emblazoned with the symbols of sun and moon has lifted the spirit of Nepalese people in the world community. The holy shrines of Pashupatinath and Swayambunath; the status of Nepal as a Hindu and Buddhist nation is its irrevocable identities. But, since 2006, the leaders of the political parties are impersonating as symbol of attack over these very identities of the nation with a determined intention to end Nepal’s existence.

Political system is taken to be the supreme form to administer a state. A flawed political system will render all sectors of the nation ungovernable. The political system is not flawed in itself, but the causes are the traitors and corrupt leaders at the seats of state powers leading to destruction of this nation. Nepal is faced with such a situation. After the uprising of 2006 five Bhramin culprit leaders have taken the burden of destroying Nepal’s identity.

After 2006, Nepali Congress’ Girija, Maoist leader Prachanda, Madhav Nepal and Jhalanath Khanal from UML and Maoist leader Dr. Baburam Bhattarai became Prime Ministers-29Aug.2011. They are selfish, power-centered Bhramins bought by foreigners. Among these five, Girija is a dangerous traitor, but even worse is Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. The Maoist Prachanda, Madhav and Jhalanath are also traitors, but they are rotten ones, and certainly deserving of condemnation. Our major problem is to save this nation from these Bhramin traitors.

‘Nepal’ is a common shelter for all Nepalese people. This is the mother land for all Nepalese people spread around the globe. It would not be a great achievement to honor the Non-Resident Nepalese (NRNA) with a green passport and dual citizenship. The NRNA have been demanding dual citizenship for nearly a decade, even though the issue of whether or not they should be granted citizenship is a contentious one. The grant of green passport for NRNs is not only achievement. All NRNs are may not be equally well wisher of Nepal. Some of them may be criminals and then they may misuse Nepalese passport. Therefore the dual citizenship should be conditional.

In this context, the present Jiba Lamichhane said- ‘once a Nepali, always a Nepali, We want this.’ Yes! This is appreciated argument. But the dual citizenship should be conditional because in the name of NRNA, somebody may misuse the citizenship rights to defame the NRNs. But our major issue is in saving Nepal, and maintaining its identity and values.

Without a sovereign Nepal whether we Nepalese people are living in the nation or abroad, will not make any difference. Should the nation drown NRNs will become orphaned as well as us and they will become slaves in foreign land. The so-called democratic leaders of today are imposing republic setup, federalism and ethnic based secularism in Nepal, and allowing it to disintegrate into smithereens.

Nepal’s sovereignty is in danger. Nepal will not remain secure whether there is republic or People’s Republic. Why are such points raised that endanger the country? They do what their foreign Gurus (RAW and CIA) tell them to do. They are searching and destroying the nation’s identities and its honors one after the other.

The republican leaders have not interest in anything than position and money. It is still not clear if they want a parliamentary system or communism. They vie for the power position in order to rip off the state coffer. Constituent Assembly (CA) is only a mere drama. CA is only a legal means to turn Nepal into a failed state; and a place where party activists are fed, and allowances greedily and shamelessly devoured. They will not draft any constitution nor there any leader capable of carrying out this task inside the CA.

We don’t find such an example anywhere in the world of a revolution or uprising that is intended to destroy the very nation. The uprising that took place in 2006 was carried out in name of New Nepal but was centered on destroying Nepal. The issues of republic, secularism, federalism based on ethnicity and autonomy, One Madhes One Pradesh (state) were not raised during the uprising. These issues endanger Nepal’s very existence. NRN must think twice before investing their money earned through arduous works in this land which is already drowning. Non Resident Nepalese must heed on saving the nation, and then only can they move forward to developing Nepal.

There is plenty of land in Nepal, but production is far from equaling it. Nepal has rivers, jungles, trees, herbs, plants; whatever there is need of! But Nepal does not have any irrigation facility, electricity, no systematic way of breeding livestock; and all herbs are transported to foreign land.

In spite of the riches in Kathmandu, there is no food in rural homes, children are in starving condition. Nepal is in a process of retrogression. The Maoist rebellion was sparked by the unlimited injustice meted out by the misrule under Nepali Congress, UML among some corrupt Panchas and Madhes. After joining the mainstream politics and coming to power the Maoist could not prove themselves to be any better than Nepali Congress and UML. The leaders that have come to power after 2006 act in contradiction to what they speak. Traitors, corrupt leaders and foreign brokers hold way in Nepal’s politics.

Since 1990 to 2011 there must have been more than 5,000-20,000 traitors involved in Nepal’s politics. Action must be initiated against them with evidences to substantiate their acts against the nation. This is not an appropriate situation for Non Resident Nepalese to mutely remain spectator to Nepal’s worsening plight and invest. NRN must think before investing.

Whosoever draws the picture of the nation and the succeeding governments in the time span from 2006 and 2011, they will come across the fact that republic, secularism and ethnic federalism are the causes for the retrogression of this country.

The country’s protection is impossible from these rulers. We must return to 1990 Constitution and with a joint effort between the constitutional King, patriots within and outside of the political parties, for guaranteeing which NRN from around the globe must raise voices. The political figures with blotch on their character in international arena, and who continue on the path of destroying this nation must be subjected to action.

If we are able to free our country from the clutches of traitors and foreign intervention we can fast secure our country’s name in the list of richest countries. This we can achieve through mobilization of natural resources in abundance in Nepal and its cultural heritage and magnificence.

The geographical variance in mountainous, hilly and Terai plains of the country provide different types of climate and soil which allow people to work 12 month a year. Nepal can produce thousands of medicinal herbs. If we are able to rightly use Nepal’s water resources we could produce electricity and develop irrigation to make Nepal green. If we could launch a campaign to aware people of Nepal’s natural resources and cultural heritage it would help in the prosperity of the Nepali people.

Tourists from around the world flock to Nepal to savor its natural beauty and drink its elixir. We have the resources but we do not know how to use them; this is the condition of Nepalese people. Nepalese people have many castes, many languages and the population character is diverse. It will be a creation of greater Nepal if we are able to stay united as one race. However, traitors are shouldering the foreign agenda of ethnic federalism to create ethnic states.

A leftist writer Dr. Niranjan Adhikary writes- ‘A strong unitary state was created with the involvement of the indigenous people. The indigenous people will accept the existence of a unitary state to remain protected from the danger posed by our northern and southern neighbor. The culture remains intact that ties the indigenous tribes together to survive in harmony, and the Nepalese common language which is understood by all.

World famous national flag is Nepalese ethnic groups’ story of pride. The attractive national attire is Nepalese people’s identity. This nation’s misguided politics has created a chasm between people from hilly and those of Madhesi origin. This has polluted the social cultural harmony and tolerance. The national attire has been rejected. Nepalese language has been disvalued. This is a conspiracy to destabilize the existing national unity.’

In such a scenario that endangers Nepal’s very existence, any of us must not contribute to deteriorate the already unstable communal and ethnicity based harmony. NRN must raise voice against those helping to further deteriorate the situation. Political system is not self-sufficient rather it necessitates a rule, policy and creativity. The royal institution which had protected the nation against imperialist excursions and preserved its identity, tradition and values was disgraced.

The kingdom of Nepal, the home of Hindus and Buddhists is neutralizing, and made a slave to foreign powers with the process of Christianization going unabated. How big a crime this is? Is Christianization in the name of secularism? All these issues and facts pertaining to treason must not go unheeded by nonresident Nepalese.

So, for the sake of ‘Sovereign-Nepal’, all Nepalese whether in the nation or abroad must push to revive the 1990 Constitution, and with involvement of King must help in heralding a thorough transformation in all sectors including political and socio-economic, and prepare new policy and programs. In this way we will be benefited and Nepal also will secure.

Long Live Nepal, Nepalese prestige and its identities!

Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.

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