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Rights of Government Override God’s Nature

The laws of this nation have the foundation of God’s laws. His laws indicate to man the general attitude we should have pertaining to our actions. If we would only live by these laws I’m sure the world would be a more wonderful place to live, grow old and enjoy the beauty of the earth and its people.

Governments have tried to enforce God’s laws and punish those who trespassed against the commandments. Despots in every age have been concerned with the people who sin and they see that sins shake the foundation of their governments and culture.

Sin is wrong therefore all possible means should be taken to prevent men from sinning. Kings believed they were the keepers of virtues and their kingdom would require everybody to be virtuous. They believed they were God’s representatives on earth and whatever they did was, in the name of virtue.

The Emperors gave the impression they were sincere and devout men who gave or bestowed names upon themselves like Felix and Pius and sent out agents to rebus and teach virtue to the Christians. Those who were Christians knew of their secret orgies and met their teachers with surprising rebuff.

The Christian people refused to hear these teachers, who threatened torture and torment for wrong deeds. Then the evil deeds of the ruling order made good their threats and forced torture, torment and even death to those who ignored their rule.

The law of two ways was not what these Emperors governed with and it was reduced to the plan of one way. That plan of one way was the rule and agency was cast into oblivion. Do as the Kingdom commanded, which was to them God’s law and they were God’s representative upon the earth.

Gone was the right of man to choose, either to serve good or evil. Their reasoning was based upon this theory; God who made man is vicious because he does not want to prevent evil or is weak because he cannot prevent it. Could he not make us all good, but he didn’t and we must enforce his laws to prevent evil.

They had lost the spirit of the Apostles who taught; “for if he made us unchangeably and immovably inclined to good, we would not really be good at all because we couldn’t do anything else but good, and it would be of no merit on our part that we were good, nor could we be given credit for doing what we did by necessity of nature.

How can good be called good if it is not done or performed intentionally? The world exists for man to exercise their choice between the upper road and the lower roads of life.

Every man (person) must be given a fair chance to prove himself (themselves) to show his (their) real desires. Evil is forced on no one nor is good forced, that all may have the same opportunities to choose one or the other.”

Today in this world of hustle and bustle we see governments failing the freedoms for the people. They compensate freedom with more laws to offset the deeds of evil. They believe the more laws will control people but they forget that force only turns on the enforcer. Syria is one great example and now again Iraq, Iran and North Korea struggle with the enforcement of the law of one way.

Those people who have tested the law of two ways will always support it and are inclined to accept its rewards or penalties.

God’s laws are eternal and man’s laws are carnal and devised to force men into doing good. When the exercise of free choice is taken away then the good in people is not real and the true opportunity to prove God’s way is futile.

If God can be patient with his children what gives government the right to override God’s nature. Could not God cleanse the wicked at his own will? Man’s laws should be to assist man to be the best he can become. Not to hinder man to the status of a pawn. Doing or moving only when told to do so.

The Constitution of this United States as written supports the Law of Two Ways. May we enforce the Constitution and stop the new laws of force.

Obama Care, emigration laws that will intrude on the rights of legitimate citizens, education laws enforced by government controls, gun laws banning the rights of the second amendment, the IRS reprisals against those who live by the law of two ways, and many others that are breaking the trust of the people.

The people like in days gone by see the orgies and sins of their leaders and they will, as in ages gone by, rebel against their despots.

Robert D. Ashford was a Marine during the cold war and is now retired, after 50 years of construction management. He is a keen genealogist and loves humor. He watches the political horizons and likes to write commentary on what’s next.

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