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Resounding Democrat Victory in Illinois 10th Congressional District Primary

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By Mark A. Lotwis, Executive Director, 21st Century Democrats

I cannot remember a more exciting time for progressive Democrats. We saw record turnout in yesterday’s primaries and 21st Century Democrats were a part of the effort to get out the vote.

Our endorsed candidate, Dan Seals, won a resounding victory in Illinois’ 10th Congressional District Democratic primary. Thanks to our members, we were able to put an experienced field organizer on the ground in Dan’s district for over a month leading up to the election.

To help us continue our success and put more field organizers on the ground, many of our members become Election Year Sustainers with small monthly gifts.

Dan’s victory was a good first step, but the race to replace Bush-loyalist Mark Kirk has just begun. We are working to keep our organizers on the ground in this campaign and many other key races around the country.

America is at a critical crossroads in 2008.

Lost in the excitement surrounding “Super Tuesday” was the release of George W. Bush’s final budget on Monday. The President’s roadmap to the future proposes new cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, child care, heating oil assistance, housing, disease control and environmental protection – all to give enormous tax breaks to big corporations and the wealthy while continuing to spend billions on a perpetual war in Iraq.

But America can take a different path. Together, we can change the ruinous policies of the Bush Administration and 21st Century Democrats is out in the field working to elect progressives who will take our country in a new direction. We will be endorsing Second Round Candidates next week.

Mark A. Lotwis is Executive Director 21st Century Democrats, www.21stCenturyDems.org

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