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Regime of Traitors in Nepal


Nepal is a small nation in geographical terms. But it is rich in terms of heritage and natural resources.

Around 800 million Indian Hindus respect Nepal because it is the only Hindu nation in the world. Millions of Hindus across the world are hopeful about Nepal.

After the Hindu spirit (Ashmita) and culture were destroyed by Muslim and English imperialism, the Indian people are proud of Nepal because it is a Hindu nation, although India is not a declared Hindu state. THe Kings of Nepal enjoy special privileges in the shrines and temples in India.

In such a context, the ruling Indian Congress I is committing a suicidal work by backing anti-nationalist forces in Nepal and pressing for the establishment of a republic and secular state.

Religion, culture and tradition are the treasure of any nation. Christians, Jews and Muslims are committed to their respective religion no-matter how conservative they may look. What Kind of Loktantra are our stupid political leaders in search of by ending the relevance of Nepal’s religion, culture and identity?

The Royal institution is the only source that binds together the varying cultures and traditions of this small nation sandwiched between two giant nations. It is a matter of great sadness that foreign forces (especially India) are relentlessly struggling to displace Nepal’s monarch for their interests.

The same objective has been achieved this time around. However, the Nepali people will not remain a mute spectator to foreign intervention.

Prithvi Narayan Shah had once forced Kepuchin Padari, a Christian religion campaigner out of the nation for prompting conspiracies against the royal institution.

In 1815/16 Nepal’s region in the East Tista and Kankada in the west were annexed, by spreading false propaganda that Nepal’s monarch agreed upon the annexation through the Sugauli Treaty, which was reached after the Anglo-Nepal war. In 1840, 21 June the East India Company allegedly conspired to seal the fate of Nepal’s royal institution through use of the Nepali Army.

During that period, the management of the army was unstable. Anti-nationalist elements tried to remove the nationalist soldiers and sought recruitment of new youths. In 1815/16, the King was coerced to declare in Tundikhel that he is reducing the number of temporary soldiers.

The conspirators had speculated that the angry soldiers would retaliate and end the monarchy. The Army was summoned at Tundikhel ground and the King made his declaration. After hearing the then King Rajendra, the angry soldiers threw away their weapons and agitated in protest. The house of the then Prime Minister Puskar Shah (English stooge) was set ablaze and houses belonging to five Ministers (Bhardhar) were vandalized. Police posts were also vandalized. No one was there to control the army.

King Rajendra the following day, 22 June, assured the Army that he would address their grievances and pacified the agitated soldiers. Such type of conspiracies continued in a consistent manner.

In September 1946, with the help of Jung Bahadur, who perpetrated ‘Kot Parva’, many nationalists were killed. The King’s powers were scrapped and handed to English stooge Queen Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah. Since then, a curse befell upon Nepal which has repeated itself now.

After the end of 104 years of merciless rule by the Ranas, democracy finally prevailed in 1950. But Indian intervention remained constant. India used Nepali Congress and attacked nationality and democracy.

King Mahendra, in 1961 was compelled to take control by abolishing the parliamentary system to free Nepal from Indian intervention. People praised the step taken by the King, in Nepal and abroad. Had not the King chosen such a decisive step Nepal’s identity would have perished by now. During the 10 years of rule by King Mahendra, Nepal achieved many great developments at national and international levels.

Stupid leaders are being directed by foreign powers to break the backbone of the nation by attacking the royal institution and the army. Due to 100-50 leaders like Surya Bahadur Thapa who robbed the nation during the Panchayat regime and Girija Prasad Koirala who destroyed the nation after 1990, we Nepalis have been victimized.

BP Koirala was the only great politician of this nation. He too was a victim of the Indian ambush before 1976. After India annexed Sikkim, BP had said, “Nepal will not exist without the existence of monarchy. May people’s desire for democracy and King’s desire for nationality blend”. His own brother Girija is about to end the identity of Nepal following Indian direction.

During the tenure of Girija as PM in 2001, Devyani, former fiancee of Prince Dipendra, blamed Dipendra for the royal massacre through various Indian media. As per grand design of Indian investigative agency ‘RAW’, Nepali intellectuals blamed King Gyanendra for the royal massacre without any proof. Again the King was compelled to take over power due to an unstable parliamentary system.

Covering the opportunity, India directed the some corrupt leaders from NC, UML, RPP and Sadbhawana to include the Maoists and propelled the launch of the decisive 2nd uprising. The uprising ended with the reaching of an agreement with the monarch. Gradually the King’s powers were scrapped one by one and the republic declared after two years.

Nationalist Nepali people and the army have not accepted the declaration. Nepal will not keep on watching India’s naked intervention. We appeal to India not to play with the Nepali people’s sentiments. We would like to see a smooth bilateral relation maintained with India.

If civil war and violence ignites in Nepal, it would surely impact India. The Royal Institution is the only base to shun violence, communal riot and civil war. Democracy and nationality with the King should be secured in Nepal. King Gyanendra does not want confrontation. He vacated the palace considering the people’s wish. Although the monarchy has been abolished, its restoration is necessary and only it will be able to save the identity of Nepal. Then all the traitors and conspirators will be finished.

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