Racism Will Not Resolve Problems in Kosovo

Notwithstanding motives, political emotions and personal or group interests, one cannot be a good human, democrat, patriot, scientist, academic or politician, and also be a racist. If you hate or insult someone on race and national basis, it is primitivism, anti-civilization and a punishable behavior act according to international law and conventions.

In the course of history, Albanian national patriotism has never fallen into the trap of any kind of racism emerging in Balkans Peninsula. Therefore, Albanian patriotism should not confused with the phenomenon of alien racism as its “retorsion” because of the fact that racism is a punishable act accordingly with international conventions, rules, principles and norms of the international law, the United Nations Charter (1945), international positive juridical order as well.

As noted above, Albanians in Kosovo should take into account the fact that racist views and attitudes can’t resolve any problem of their society ( whether it be political, economic or justice and welfare etc.) due to racism. It is not any type of human, legal, political, constitutional and democratic instrument which would have impacted positively to correct flaws and errors of the Albanian society not only in Kosovo, but in the wider sense in all territories of ethnic Albania in the Balkans.

So, we should be very aware, alert and clear so as not to allow and tolerate the appearance of the ugly phenomenon such as racism, intolerance, antisemitism, hatred and xenophobia because all these would lead to fascism and total destruction of Albanian society in the Balkans.

Neither justice, nor humanism, democracy and patriotism can be realized in practice being served by such non-human methods and means of the racism that doesn’t concern with any kind of humanism, heroism, patriotism, culture and civilization of the Albanian society.

Under no circumstances, should the manipulation of the internal and external opinion be allowed. It is the right time that Albanians in Kosovo have the right to act against Serbian racism and holocaust being served by the same methods and means (1878-1999).

This thesis should never accepted whoever will be its Albanian author ( teacher, scholar, academic, writer, politician, diplomat, analyst, journalist, political parties, pressure groups or someone else of the official authorities) because of the fact that Albanians in Balkans have never fought against Serbs. But they fought against their government leadership of Serbia which has conducted several genocides against native Albanians of Kosovo and Albania (1878-1999) in order to conquer their territories by aggression, colonialism, hegemonism, militarism and annexation etc.

Particularly in Kosovo, Albanians should be very careful and far-sighted so as not to fall into a trap of racism (whoever propagates, suggests and imposes it), because they are being molded as a new multiethnic, pluralist, human, peaceful and democratic society, supported by the United States, European Union, NATO and the United Nations where human rights and freedom should be the alpha and omega of democracy for all ethnic groups in Kosovo, without discrimination, in accordance with laws, constitution and international standards and values.

Mehdi Hyseni Ph.D.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.